Sunday Writing Prompt – Select a Heading – When Willows Weep at Night


When Willows Weep at Night.

When they found the two girls under the weeping willows, their first thought was they were sleeping. Beside them were empty beer bottles and the signs of some sort of party.

So it came as a dreadful shock to discover both girls were dead.

In the weeks that followed an intense search had been conducted, one to identify the girls and two, to track down the killer.

The murders shocked the community. It was a small, tight-knit peaceful part of town. Nothing exciting ever happened there, and the locals were happy with that.

But this event had brought news vans, police to their doorsteps and most of all unwanted publicity to the neighbourhood.

The community shunned the attention, politely answered the police when they called but mostly shut their doors wishing it would all go away.

Thankfully for them, the girls were not locals but from the next town. The police assumed they had come there with others to drink and party on.

Examination of the girls revealed they had both been sexually assaulted and that news didn’t calm any of the residents.

The weeping willows at the end of the street had been there as long as anyone remembered. Years before all this happened it had been a place to realise an assignation, to meet and know that under the willows you were assured of some privacy.

Over their back fences, the locals were disturbed the willows had lost the calm they once had.

One long-term neighbour remarked that at night the willows now hung lower than ever before suggesting they too wept over the deaths of the girls.


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17 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt – Select a Heading – When Willows Weep at Night

  1. calmkate says:

    just anyone would who had witnessed murder … the willows are wailing 😦

  2. Reena Saxena says:

    Nature has a higher sensitivity than we imagine.

  3. This is great, Michael. I find willow trees very creepy and also wrote a piece of flash fiction about a body being found under one.

  4. James says:

    Wait! You didn’t catch the bad guys.

  5. I can imagine the willows weeping Michael. A sad tale.

  6. Jules says:

    There was a place I used to visit… that had a tale of a local who would harm hikers… but no one had the guts enough to turn him in. So I can relate to the disturbed calm. Hard to live always looking over and trying to figure if it was your neighbor who was responsible.

  7. haunting and heartbreaking

    Great job on the titles btw, I think they make for a fun prompt and they are fun to come up with

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