Wordle #197 – Burt Fage


This week’s words: Rapid Material Beast Sequence Actual Amaryllis (a bulbous plant with showy trumpet-shaped flowers and strap-shaped leaves) Offscreen Untoward Negative Escapist Neurochemical (the branch of biochemistry concerned with the processes occurring in nerve tissue and the nervous system. Mellow

The soul alert went off and one thing that irritated the deities, Wayne and Greg, representatives of Hell and Heaven, was having their afternoon tea disrupted by someone dying. They were sitting in Hell’s Kitchen, Greg enjoying the best sushi to be found in eternity and Wayne a ham sandwich provided by Greg as payment for admission to the Kitchen.

The alert told them that Burt Fage, the neurochemical scientist, had just passed away and his soul was in urgent need of their attention.

Normally they had time after a person’s death to get to wherever the soul lingered, but in this case, the rapid sequencing of the alert caused them to make an exception and get on the job.

A quick perusal of Burt’s life led them to believe that even though the man’s soul was a mellow sort of character, he was also known as a beast and a grower of amaryllis and had a huge collection especially imported from South Africa.

Burt had made numerous television programs about the plant and was known to have acted in a beastly way to the cast and crew. Much of the material for the actual program was researched by his assistant for which Burt took all credit. Offscreen he was promoted as a lover of plant life and an extraordinary human being with nothing untoward ever spoken about him.

Burt’s soul was agitated which was unusual considering most souls in Wayne and Greg’s experience were usually puzzled by the whole death experience, but Burt’s was clearly irritated when the two angels arrived.

Before they opened their mouths Burt’s soul was full on about them not judging him from his life on earth and not to believe all the negative publicity circulating about him in recent times.

Wayne and Greg had seen this before, mainly from deceased American Presidents who looked immediately to any escapist tactic they could take.

Holding Burt’s life before him neither Greg nor Wayne were in any mood to suffer the pretentiousness for this man’s soul.

Burt seeing his life literally flash before his eyes, wished right there and then that he had a bunch of amaryllises to hold as they had given him comfort in life, but that was now a thing of the past.

With a series of rapid movements, the deities cast the untoward scientist from them, uttering, “Neurochemists get on your nerves don’t they?”

Burt found himself in a place, which at first didn’t seem so bad until he noticed the rise in temperature.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2018/05/21/wordle-197/

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8 Responses to Wordle #197 – Burt Fage

  1. Love Wayne and Greg. 🙂

  2. Oh that ending I am under no illusions where Burt went!

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