Sunday Writing Prompt “Super Powers” – Bazz and His Super Powers


For Bazz Menting his super power came as a surprise. It wasn’t something he thought would happen to him but it came in the middle of the night when he was visited by a man in a top hat who announced he was from a far-off planet where observations of the earth had led his people to decide the earth needed help and so they had chosen Bazz at random to see if such a thing as help would change anything on the earth.

“Greed,” said the man in the top hat, “ was destroying the earth and the Universe needed the earth to be a viable planet as they provided a model to the rest of the universe in how not to conduct yourself.”

The powers provided to Bazz were all in his mind. He would be able to think things, and they would happen. The man in the top hat even gave him the ability to schedule an impact on any person he chose.

This meant Bazz would remain anonymous.

So the following morning Bazz awoke feeling odd about the strange dream he was sure he had had. As he lived alone and was for the most part ignored by all around him, including his work colleagues, Bazz went to work still feeling odd but knowing he had a job to do and he would do it as well as he did it each day. Cleaning toilets was a task he took seriously mainly because he needed to keep his job, there was rent to pay and bills to be finalised.

His first day brought him face to face with Betty Charmers from the typing pool who was in the corridor outside the toilets engaged with her estranged husband, Nigel, in a full-on argument. Bazz didn’t know the nature of the argument, but he knew Nigel as a low life scumbag, and it was when he thought Nigel should go away and stick his head in the toilet that he remembered his ‘dream’. In the midst of the argument, Nigel turned right and disappeared into the men’s bathroom. Out of curiosity, Bazz followed him in, and there was Nigel head down the toilet. For good measure, Bazz took the opportunity to flush the bowl before thinking that Nigel should get back to work and leave Betty alone.

He did just that.

Over the weeks that followed Bazz honed his ability. Always he decided it was necessary to maintain his anonymity.

He also realised he didn’t need a costume, nor a song, there was no need of fanfare, he would look just like everyone else and bring no suspicion upon himself.

It was fun he decided, but that night the man in the top hat returned and told Bazz they were pleased with his efforts and as of the next day, he would find his job description changed.

For the rest of the night, he was given a crash course on domestic violence, and his brain was infused with learning he never had before.

“Wisdom,” said the man in the top hat, “ is what separates the ignorant from the informed. You’ll hear things in the next few days that will make your hair curl and incite you to action. We want you to behave as you always have done and exercise the scheduling of your power. We will accompany you for a few days, educate you about the law, and give you suggestions as to what you could do.”

Education thought Bazz as he drifted to sleep, was a wonderful thing. His last thought as sleep overcame him was, wondering what they might be wanting him to do.


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8 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt “Super Powers” – Bazz and His Super Powers

  1. Fandango says:

    I wish Bazz would do to the man with the tiny hands who occupies the Oval Office what he did to Nigel. That would be good for the planet and for the universe. Just ask any alien.

  2. Bazz is my sort of hero =) I wonder what he’ll get up to next

  3. calmkate says:

    well written, Bazz is a character we want to see again 🙂

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