Interview with Blogger Michael Grogan: A Writer With A Superb Sense of Humor #amwriting #interviews #bloggers

This is all about me so I apologise in advance in case you were expecting something entertaining!! But thanks to Mandi at Mandibelle16 for featuring me this week on her blog.


Welcome to another Writer/Blogger Interview with Micahel Grogan of Morpethroad: Random, Meaningful, Words. Please check out his wonderful blog. As a writer, Michael is versatile and has a wicked sense of humor. I’ve blogged with him a number of years. You can also find him on the site: Mind Loves Misery’s Menagerie where he hosts a writing prompt or two each week.

Michael Grogen Credit: Michael Grogen – Morpethroad

1. Michael, Please Tell Us About Yourself? What is it Like Where You Live? 

I live in a beautiful part of the world. The Hunter Valley is a rich and diverse region with farming and coal mining being the predominant industries. I also live on the edge of a floodplain, and behind my house is a rich farming area where once-market crops such as potatoes, cabbage, and watermelons. But nowadays, it’s used for feed crops and the raising of some beef cattle.


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19 Responses to Interview with Blogger Michael Grogan: A Writer With A Superb Sense of Humor #amwriting #interviews #bloggers

  1. Ritu says:

    Great interview Michael! I didn’t know you were axretured English and Drama teacher? My degree specialism was both English and Drama when I did my teaching degree!!!!
    No wonder we click!

    • Michael says:

      I was lucky Ritu in that for most of my career I worked in an excellent school where I was able to combine a lot of my drama skills with my love of writing. It was always interesting to me to go to another school and discover a student using one of my performance pieces. Thanks for stopping by.

      • Ritu says:

        That shows what an inspiration you were!
        Working in the Early Years I use my Drama lots, and I tend to make stories up on the hop for them, but I have written for older kids during my teaching time too!

      • Michael says:

        Thanks Ritu, at one stage of my career I was running some drama workshops for Primary teachers. One day I went to a tiny two teacher school out in the country. The Principal was a lovely lady who asked me if I’d ever taught drama to infants. No I replied to which she then gave me the infants to do some drama with. Thankfully in those days my kids were little and I’d discovered through birthday games how ‘easy’ it was to play games with little kids. I did survive and I have lovely memories of that day.

      • Ritu says:

        The infants are a delight (sometimes) to teach! I do feel privileged to be doing what I do every day. 🙂

  2. calmkate says:

    Great interview Michael, good to learn more about you!
    Hunter Valley is in NSW .. thought you said you were in Victoria?

  3. willowdot21 says:

    Fabulous post Michael very interesting 💜🌹

  4. willowdot21 says:

    I really did Michael 💜🌹

  5. Mandy says:

    I really enjoyed Mandi’s interview with you, Michael. You have a knack for making story-telling look easy. I love how comfortable you are in your writing process. Also, your teaching career clearly meant a great deal to you–the sign of a wonderful teacher and inspiration for his students. Will always look forward to reading more.

  6. Glad to learn a bit more about you too Michael.

  7. floatinggold says:

    That was very interesting to read.

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