Tale Weaver – #167- First Kiss – 19th April


Warning: Adult Content

A Summer/Esther Story

My first kiss, if you’d call it, that happened on my fifteenth birthday. My mum had arranged a birthday dinner and we, my sister and I, were to be ready by the time mum and dad came home from work.

Since mum went back to work, we had been baby-sat by mum’s brother Jeff. Usually, he was there when we came home from school, and he’d drink a few of dad’s beers before falling asleep on the lounge.

He had always been a touchy-feely sort of guy and as I grew and puberty took over, he’d invariably, when he found reason to cuddle me put his hands on my breasts and remark on how I was growing up.

I found it very uncomfortable and would always push away from him.

But lately, I was feeling more and more uncomfortable the way he was looking at me.

This day he had his few drinks as we told him about needing to get ready before mum and dad came home. He shrugged and let us go on our way. My sister had her shower and disappeared into her room.

I went into the shower to get myself ready as I was looking forward to going to dinner, as I knew my parents always picked excellent places to eat.

I was thinking about all this when he came in. He was sounding drunk and said he had the ideal present for a fifteen-year-old girl.

He opened the shower screen and saw him, naked, his penis erect, I cringed, slinking into the corner, covering all of me that I could.

He grabbed me and planted a hug kiss on my lips, he smelt of alcohol making me cringe even more.

I was terrified beyond anything I had experienced in my life.

It was when he began fondling me that everything changed.

I watched as he was thrust out of the shower. My alter ego had arrived.

I had grown up with an imagery friend called Esther. She and I were mates; we discussed everything including Uncle Jeff. Esther had always said she would protect me, and I took it as part of our imaginary conversations, nothing more.

But the girl standing over Jeff at this moment was not me. It was like I was an observer as Esther struck my Uncle leaving him dazed.

He looked up in total surprise and must have thought, “What’s gotten into Summer, she’s always so polite and even-tempered?”

But even if he did, he became extremely aggressive and threatened Esther, which in hindsight was not a good thing to do.

Esther never said anything but rather delivered Jeff a massive kick to his exposed testicles. He doubled up, and it was then she descended on him and whispered in his ear as she twisted it near off, to never go near me again.

I think he was so terrified he nodded and got up and left.

When I came out of the later a few minutes later, he had gone.

In my room, I gathered myself as I was shaking from the encounter. I’d never known Esther to be so aggressive. She was part of me, and I loved her for always being there when mum and dad weren’t. But I didn’t know her to be so strident as she had been.

It was then she spoke, “You’ve always been weak Summer, and I’m here to protect you. You keep me from harm, it’s the least I can do.”

I heard her loud and clear but what I also heard was the voice she spoke in, and that frightened me.

So much for my first kiss as I once again wiped my lips to free myself from my Uncle’s stench.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2018/04/19/tale-weaver-167-first-kiss-19th-april/

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5 Responses to Tale Weaver – #167- First Kiss – 19th April

  1. James says:

    This is a variation of the story you wrote yesterday. Gee, and I thought my story had “adult content.”

    • Michael says:

      Yes you are right it is a variation on the earlier tale. Summer and Esther are characters I wrote about many years ago and these two prompts this week have given me an opportunity to play with them again. Thanks James for reading and your comment.

  2. Abusers are usually known to the victim, more often than not a family member or friend. It is the ultimate betrayal of trust and a terrifying ordeal for one so young.
    Have you by any chance heard of the book When Rabbit Howls by Truddi Chase? Her alter egos (she called them The Troops) rallied to protect her from abuse. It made harrowing reading.

    • Michael says:

      Thanks for your comment Di, and no I haven’t heard of that book. Some years ago when I started blogging I wrote a series of stories about the sexual exploits of Summer. As I was writing the tales I became aware that there was someone else inside Summer and so I explored the notion of her alter ego. I don’t remember how many stories there were, they don’t exist now but this week there have been two prompts that have led me to write about them again. Originally she was much more explicit in her language than now as I knew I’d best make her behave with a tad more decorum.

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