Time To Write: Set The Scene 8 [Creative Writing Prompt]


I was relieved to find my hotel room after a long day on the road. It wasn’t anything special but rather just what I needed, a place to stop and rest.

The bed I discovered was firm and comfortable, the pillows soft and supportive.

There was the standard tea and coffee supplied, and I relaxed before bed with a steaming coffee not caring about the effect the caffeine might have on me as I knew exhaustion would override any of its effects.

My room had a window overlooking a courtyard surrounded by rooms similar to mine.

I could see people coming and going, watching television. Some had their curtains drawn so I could only speculate as to what was happening in there. Sleep no doubt?

In a bottom room, I saw a couple arguing and the woman being struck. A splat of blood spread across the window. Horrified I stood and watched hoping I had been mistaken and that nothing untoward had occurred.

Quickly the curtains of the room were drawn, and I was left wondering what I might do if anything.


Written for: https://rachelpoli.com/2018/04/13/time-to-write-set-the-scene-8-creative-writing-prompt/

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