Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – The Missed Ferry


Image: © Dorathy

She was so pissed off at missing the ferry she sat glumly on the bench watching the happy travellers making their way to the resort across the water.

Her companion Russell didn’t know what to say to console her, so he sat pretending to share her disappointment. Truth be known had a bad feeling about the day and had delayed their arrival such that the gangplank had been taken in leaving them stranded and his girl friend fuming.

As they sat and watched the merriment departing, the ferry began to list, and they watched in horror as the ferry turned on its side throwing the passengers into the water.

The mayhem that followed left them reeling, and Russell felt the sense of foreboding settle over him.

They raced to the wharf to help. People were clambering to get out of the water, and in the distance, sirens could be heard.

Later they sat on the bench, and Russell heard her say she was glad they weren’t on board.

Inside Russell breathed a sigh of relief.


Written for: https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2018/04/02/fffaw-challenge-week-of-april-3-2018/

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13 Responses to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – The Missed Ferry

  1. Lucky escape for Russel on both counts.

  2. Lyn says:

    A close call. Thank goodness for Russel’s bad feeling.

  3. Deb Whittam says:

    That was great – fate – love it

  4. Sometimes we get a little tickle that something isn’t quite right……………….

  5. Great storey Michael and you used the prompt the way I saw it except I couldn’t work out if it was part of the big ship behind or not. Thank heavens for Russells gut feeling.

  6. Oh my, it ended up being her lucky day and she didn’t even know it until the ferry tipped over. Really great story, Michael!

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