Photo Challenge #208 – Like Father Like Son

As a mother, she worried about her son

He had inherited his father’s worst traits

His repulsive nature

His perverse view of the world

His determination to bring everyone

To his disgusting level.

She tried to guide him

Show him there was more than domination

More to life than pig ignorance.

His father dismissed the mother

Urged his son not to be weak

To stand up against all odds

Demand his due, take what was his.

The son rose like his father

Leaving in his wake the shattered ambitions

Of those stupid enough to challenge him.

The mother saw her son’s demise

Coming from a long way off

Ever approaching, inevitable.

She picked her son up from the tatters

Of a life with no regard to consequences.

She found a spot for him

Next to his father, who suffering the same fate

Found peace away from the mire he so long wallowed in.


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8 Responses to Photo Challenge #208 – Like Father Like Son

  1. floatinggold says:

    tragically beautiful.

  2. Oh, how very tragic that the mother couldn’t save her son, Michael.

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