#SoCS Feb. 17/18 – his/hers


What have you got there?

Oh, just some his and hers.

What’s a his and hers?

Well, this one is a his and this one a hers. I thought that would be obvious.

But what does a his and hers do?

You’ve obviously led a sheltered life, haven’t you?

Well yes, as it turns out.

This one is a his and this one a hers.

You’ve already said that.

I’m just emphasising the fact.

Ok, so what do they do?

Well when you turn on the his, it goes a bright blue; the hers when switched on becomes a dazzling hot pink.

And then?

And then what?

Then you do with it, as your sex needs doing.

Oh, I see, not.

Its really quite simple, I’m surprised you aren’t using one, as everyone seems to be out buying one.

I see. Do they come in any other colours?

Well yes, for the advanced user the his will turn a majestic bottle green and the hers a stunning fire engine red.

And will they do for me?

Make your every dream come true.


Oh yes, guaranteed. Look around at all the satisfied faces passing you by; you too could look like them.

Where do I get them?

Online, here’s the address, best get in soon as I’m sure they will sell out.

I will, I’ll get a his for me and hers for you know who.

Wise move.


Written for: https://lindaghill.com/2018/02/16/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-feb-17-18/


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2 Responses to #SoCS Feb. 17/18 – his/hers

  1. Do they come in different flavors?

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