First Line Friday – February 16th, 2018


“I don’t care what you do with it, I just want it gone,” Alex said, pointing at the dollhouse.

‘But what will Heather say when she finds out?” pleaded Mary, his long-suffering wife.

“Mary!” replied Alex, “Heather is thirty-five years old, she’s a marine biologist and is working to save the Great Barrier Reef, I don’t think she’ll mind in the least.”

“But its such a beautiful dollhouse,” said Mary running her hands over the roofline. “My father made it for her.”

“That was when she was born, Heather hasn’t played with it in over twenty-five years. It has to go, it gives me the creeps seeing it sitting here in the lounge room. I’m sure some of those little figurines have moved from time to time.”

“Oh yes,” said Mary with joy in her voice, “I’ve noticed them too, the little man on the top floor is often looking out at us from a different window.”

“All the more reason to get rid of it. Especially when you and I imagine what is not there.”

“Heather used to say they moved too. She’d run in of a morning and say, ‘Mummy the man and lady have finished their breakfast and are now taking a nap.’”


“Oh yes, she had a great time in conversation with them.”

“What exactly did your father create?”

“A dollhouse my love, a dollhouse.”

“It’s turned out more than a dollhouse.”

“Well, you’d have to expect the unexpected with my father, as you’d well know when you put a wizard in charge of creating something for children there will always be something unusual about it.”

“He wasn’t a wizard, he was eccentric.”

“No darling, he was a wizard, look closely, and you’ll see the man in the window is his spitting image.”

“Good grief, does that mean we are stuck with it?”

“Yes,” replied Mary, “ and Heather will be so pleased to see her grandad when she’s home next.”


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2 Responses to First Line Friday – February 16th, 2018

  1. Lyn says:

    I would have loved a doll’s house like that when I was a kid. Even more, I would have loved a set of those building bricks. They were better than Meccano and Lego.

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