Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 24 – Love and Valentine’s Day


Its that time of year again when we look towards one we love with thoughts of what can we do to express the love we feel for them.

When you live in a fantasy world its easy to imagine the love of your life as being all the things you think are important. The practical world is of course a whole different kettle of fish.

There are plenty of romantic stories about unrequited love, where the relationship has been going on for some time all in one person’s head. Because we are humans part of our biology is to experience attraction to another person and usually this is physical in nature especially if you are male.

But looking beyond that is where it gets tricky.


One day a man was standing on one side of a pond and across the other side saw a beautiful woman.

She was staring back at him and he wondered if his unusual appearance was the reason.

As there was no way they could cross over to speak she floated a note over to him. He watched as the note came near and upon reading it he discovered her name was Catherine.

He responded with a note of his own and over the next few weeks they floated notes back and forth.

Catherine was a writer, her memoir she was writing and she shared pieces of it with him.

From her writing he discovered a woman of amazing compassion and passion in what she was writing. Hers was a story of abuse and trauma.

At times he felt tears for the ordeal she had been through but she made it clear she didn’t want his pity, she wanted him and who he was for she too was discovering the man he was through the notes he wrote.

For the first time in so long he felt her love directed at him and he found trust in whom she was. She too discovered she needed him in her days and they continued to communicate in this way dreaming of a time when fortune might allow them to meet and find in each other the physical comfort they both desired.

For as they aged they grew closer together, the pond was always there but the love for one another never waned. They leant on one another, vented at times, revealed their inner souls confidant the other was not judging but understanding the opinion of the other.

Being needed and love for who they were was enough to get them through the day to day of life. They lifted each other from the depression of their respective worlds, where they were trapped with only the words of the other as succour.

In this story love reaches a different height. The couple explore the loyalty of the other, discover that despite their age they can experience love again, it awakens them, gives them reason to live, laugh and trust.


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11 Responses to Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 24 – Love and Valentine’s Day

  1. Lyn says:

    You’d be a little afraid of meeting in person, lest the reality didn’t match the across the pond relationship.

  2. Reena Saxena says:

    The story is touching. One expectation in a relationship is to be accepted for what you are. Most of the clashes occur since the dream that you mention is not fulfilled. Sharing from a distance fulfils that void without the daily rundowns of mundane matters.

    Thanks for joining in, Michael!

  3. As a romantic teenager, I was always seeing ‘love’ possibilities but the reality always came crashing down on my head. I don’t think it’s just girls who dream though, sometimes the guys do too only to find that the ‘beautiful girl’ hanging on his arm is eyeing up her next catch and free dinner.
    Romance was the last thing on my mind when Hubby and I met all those years ago. Now look where we are! 🙂

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