Sunday Writing Prompt #238 “Rant”


The rant started not as a soapbox exhibition but rather as an unexpected consequence of the man’s behaviour.

Whatever it was he did the result was a rant like I’d not seen before and hope to never see again.

He’d obviously said something wrong and she was into him for it. But there was more to it than pointing out the error of his ways. She decided that there and then in the middle of the crowded shopping mall to make her point heard by all and everyone.

There was a very clear point to what she was doing. Her rant was to humiliate the man. You could clearly see the embarrassment in his face. Her tirade of belittlement, in a public place, orchestrated to achieve the maximum effect with little if any consideration of how he might be feeling.

But I think her rant was the result of a lot of pent up anger and she suddenly found a reason to release it and it didn’t matter where.

He was not a big man by any means and seemed to get smaller the longer she went on. It appeared everything about him irritated her and she didn’t hold back telling everyone each of his numerous faults.

His dress was wrong, obviously designed to embarrass her in public, his indifference to how she felt, his callous behaviour towards her, his drinking, neglect of the yard and his failure as a father to support her in disciplining the children, who I was glad were not with them to see their father treated this way.

All this happened outside the Pharmacy and she couldn’t resist the temptation to suggest he go in and buy some Viagra as that might improve his non-existent responses to her sexual advances.

The man shrank further and further with her vitriol raining on him, he had nowhere to go, he was like a fly trapped in her web and she knew it and enjoyed that he was cowering.

He stood in silence, his eyes cast down, praying, I’m sure for the woman to stop and so he could then disappear into a crack in the wall but she didn’t and did everything short of physically assaulting him.

When she was sure her rant had had the desired effect she sneered at him and ordered him to wait in the car for she didn’t want to be seen in public with such a pathetic man.

I watched as he shuffled away, knowing he might not ever again enter the mall for fear of being recognised as the man humiliated in public.

The woman strode off, her head up believing she had done nothing wrong and had in fact demonstrated her ability to take no crap from any man.

I wondered which one we felt most sympathy for.

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11 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt #238 “Rant”

  1. Lyn says:

    I’d so love someone watching to pour a bottle of ice cold water over her head. I’d call her a harridan, but that would be insulting harridans. Nasty, vitriolic harpy perhaps.

  2. Was this based on a real event? You have painted such a vivid and gut-wrenching scene here. I hate to think of anyone experiencing the level of humiliation that this man must have felt

  3. I understand perfectly.

  4. Cara Hartley says:

    I have known this person in many guises.
    Sadly, when I had untreated bipolar and borderline personality disorder, I could become this person.
    By the way, I still have bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. I’m not one of those people who believes that psychiatric conditions such as these can be cured. There are, however, methods which can be used to keep them in check, to a degree. I don’t rail on at people anymore. Doing so nearly ruined my life even worse than the illnesses themselves have already done.

    • Michael says:

      I would say this woman was more narcissistic than anything else. Thanks Cara for stopping by and I’m pleased for you that you are making progress. Take care.

  5. dancjulian says:

    Good write. It’s always interesting to me to ask, how does this write read me? For example, why do I see bot the ranter and the ranted at in this piece as black? Clearly I still have plenty of work on myself to do.

  6. Fandango says:

    She is a shrew who most definitely needs taming.

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