100 Word Wednesday: Week 53 – Waiting


Photo by Ivana Cajina

As the day ebbed away, I would see her hobble down the gravel path to the water’s edge. She’d wait there a moment or two before wading into the water. I knew her story, her husband many years before had drowned on the lake one night during a fierce storm.

She awaited his return thinking if she stood there he’d know she was waiting.

It made her feel she wasn’t giving up, some nights she’d sing, others she stood in silence. When the light finally faded to darkness, she’d wade out and head off up the track to her home.


Written for: https://bikurgurl.com/2018/01/10/100-word-wednesday-week-53/

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12 Responses to 100 Word Wednesday: Week 53 – Waiting

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    Beautiful piece to match the picture and I agree heartbreaking. But perhaps this daily habit gives her solace, this being the last place he was. She may not really believe he is coming back but she has a fervorent wish and being there makes her closer to him. Haha that’s my thoughts anyways. Your story is open to interpretation and I like that, despite its sadness.

  2. bikurgurl says:

    She went, “softly into that dark night” – softly and gently, her welcoming husband waiting with open arms on the other side. Death is not always morbid, in many ways accepting it is part of life makes the leaving – or having been left behind – much lovelier. Thank you for another wonderful story ❤

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