Tale Weaver – #154 – January 11th – Beauty – The Witch Marble


Image © Trudy Calliess Preston – Used with permission

There was a time in days past when Prince’s Charming roamed about their kingdoms seeking out maidens in distress which gave rise to maidens creating more and more ingenious ways to attract the attention their respective Prince Charming.

The village Seamstress had one such daughter, a vain girl who when she wasn’t learning the skills of the seamstress spent all her time looking at herself and trying various ways to look more and more beautiful.

The daughter, Lizzie Needlepoint, for that, was their more than befitting name, was, in fact, a beautiful girl, tall and thin, her long blonde hair cascaded down her back and her eyes and smile were more than alluring.

But Lizzie was never satisfied and when the announcement was made of a Ball to be held at the King’s Palace for all the villagers to attend Lizzie saw it as her great opportunity to impress the Prince and win his hand. After all, in Lizzie’s opinion, there was no one else in the Kingdom to match her natural beauty.

So the planning began, her mother set to work on making her a new and beautiful dress, Lizzie practised day and night her curtsy and bowing, discussed her hair with friends and set in motion a plan.

Part of the plan was to get a little extra help by consulting The Witch Marble who lived out on Grim’s Mace on the edge of the village. Like all witches of the time The Witch Marble was known to possess the skill to create magic potions and Lizzie under cover of night went to The Witch Marble’s place to ask her for a potion to allure the Prince to her beauty.

The Witch Marble was a young witch and humble in the business she did with the village. She saw immediately the vanity of Lizzie and worried over what the girl might expect.

But she did have such a potion as Lizzie desired but did warn her that it might not work if the Prince possessed a magic of his own.

Lizzie not wanting to hear anything that might be negative and took the potion and applied it readily to her good self the night of the ball.
In her new dress, her hair beautifully coiffured and the magic potion in place she approached the castle sure she was going to be a hit.

She stood in the ballroom and waited for the Prince to be lured to her. Across the room, she saw him approaching and readied herself.

To her amazement, he walked by her barely giving her a look. Lizzie was furious. She tried several times during the night to draw his attention, but it was as if she wasn’t there.

She stormed out of the castle and headed for the home of The Witch Marble determined to take it out on her as her humiliation in from of the King, and everyone present was more than she could bear.

The Witch Marble was in the process of mixing a potion to calm nerves when frayed as Lizzie burst through the door and delivered a tirade of abuse.

The Witch Marble listened to the angry girl then when she had finished invited her to sit down.

“The Prince, my dear Lizzie, possesses a power enabling him to see the inner beauty in every person and object he encounters. Your external beauty was stunning, there is no doubt, but you possess no inner beauty as you are too tired up in what people see of you on the outside. It’s your inner beauty that will win over any potential lover and husband.”

Lizzie was not impressed at all with The Witch Marble’s explanation and promised to spread the word that she was nothing more than a charlatan.

Understanding her indignation, The Witch Marble offered Lizzie a small vial of her calming potion saying it would enable Lizzie to sleep and feel better in the morning.

Lizzie snatched it from her and marched away telling herself the vengeance she had in store for The Witch Marble would bring about her end.

That night unable to talk to her mother she took herself to her bed, gulped down the potion and fell asleep.

The next morning Lizzie awoke and felt wonderfully calm. She walked out to find her mother already at work and proclaimed, “ Oh Mother, but you are looking so well this morning.”

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2018/01/11/tale-weaver-154-january-11th-beauty/

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  1. Michael you really have a flare when it comes to telling stories about magic and witches and potents and princesses.

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