First Line Friday -December 22nd, 2017



Alexi watched the snowfall with narrowed eyes.

There was still a way to go and in the back seat of the car his wife was laying in growing discomfort as the arrival of their first child came closer by the second.

He worried about making it to the hospital, and if called upon did he remember enough of the pre-natal classes to know what to do.

Outside the snow was falling more heavily and he could see the windscreen wipers working harder against the steady build-up on the screen in front of him.

Behind him, his wife called to him to hurry. She was breathing more and more rapidly, and he was starting to stress more than he already was.

The conditions deteriorated to a point where he was reaching out the window and trying to push the snow off his windscreen, but it was becoming all in vain.

He saw a house away to his left and knew he needed help. He hoped there was someone home and hoped it was someone who might be able to help.

He drove the car through the ever-increasing snow drifts to the front of the house and beeped his car horn.

A man appeared who listened to his plight and directed him to back the car up to the barn behind him.

In the car, his wife was frantically asking him what he thought he was doing and why he wasn’t still driving to the hospital.

He tried to explain the impossibility of the situation, but she was way past hearing anything.

He lifted her out of the car and carried her into the barn where the farmer, an old man was standing beside a table and intimated he place his wife on the said table.

The farmer explained he’d delivered a lot of animals over the years and a human child would be no different. Though he looked a little worried at the man’s wife, who was by now showing signs of distress.

The young man held his wife’s hand remembering the instructions to push and to comfort. The old farmer had gathered up towels and was ready to deliver the child when the time came.

“What are we doing?” asked the wife wondering what had happened to all their carefully formulated plans.

“I could n’t keep driving,” explained the young husband, “the roads were getting too dangerous. This man is helping us.”


In the time after the birth of their first son, the young couple could barely remember the old man who helped them so caught up were they in the moment and excitement of the delivery.

Outside the snow continued to fall but by now the young man’s narrowed eyes had become eyes wide open in wonder.


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11 Responses to First Line Friday -December 22nd, 2017

  1. Almost like being born in a manger.

  2. Husbands are often required to make what can be a ‘life and death’ decision if things get complicated. Great story-line Michael!


  3. Lyn says:

    Lovely — especially the final line.

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