SoCS Dec.16/17 – contrast


The contrast was as obvious as day and night and up and down.

The problem was opening your mind to see it. Most people only see one side of any issue, like being for it or against it and we have an almighty problem stretching our minds to see the same issue from a different opinion.

But in this case, was an orange actually orange or a construct of our human vision, the contrast of thought and opinion was as expansive as the whole notion as to whether or not there was a definitive answer.

The debate raged back and forth, the scientists argued from a scientific perspective, the emotionally attached from a purely emotional level and that is when there was a clear contrast of opinion as accusations flowed back and forth, things got personal and one participant staged a one-man sit-in in protest at what he called the ludicrous suggestion that orange was a colour our brains played tricks with and that it wasn’t actually orange as we saw it but some alien colour too complicated for our brains to process.

I left it there at that point, the protestor had gathered around him a small band of contrasting folk, some black, some white, some for and some against but arguing he had every right to protest.

On the way home, I stopped in and bought a bag of oranges, and as I packed them in my car, I couldn’t help but remark to them what saucy wenches they were.


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13 Responses to SoCS Dec.16/17 – contrast

  1. Saucy indeed. Nice one Michael

  2. I loved your post and Isaac Newton also felt that colors only existed in our minds.

  3. Fandango says:

    Orange you glad you wrote this?

  4. Eden says:

    This is extra fun, considering most of the oranges I’ve eaten are slightly greenish or yellowish. 😉

  5. Lyn says:

    This immediately made me think about my little grandson’s faborit book at the moment, Nothing but Oranges by Australian author, Heath McKenzie It’s a quirky and very funny book.

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