Wot I Shot Wednesday


In keeping with my Christmas theme through December this week Bunder (pictured above crashing the navitity scene at my place) is visiting my three small grandson boys. He had a successful visit with Joey last week and this week has begun with our boys in wonder in how he managed to find their house let alone be in a different spot each day.

I await further news of his antics at the boys’ house.

You have to watch these elves on shelves as they do get up to mischief as I found while he was at my house. Turn your back and he is causing trouble as the picture below suggests. The poor donkey had not long made the trek to Bethleham when this happened.


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4 Responses to Wot I Shot Wednesday

  1. Tournesol says:

    Lovely photos, Michael and such a great storyteller you are. Your grands are so luckly!

  2. Lyn says:

    They are beautifully knitted figures in that nativity scene, Michael. I hope Bunder enjoys his visits with the grandkids πŸ˜€

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