SoCS Nov. 4/17 – shortcut/cut short


“What is that?” she asked.

“A shortcut to my heart.”

“Is it really?”

“Yes. Are you game?”

“Not sure, is it a rocky shortcut or a smooth shortcut?”

“Depends on you, but rest assured I will be there to catch you.”

“Am I in danger do you think?”

“Only if you hesitate.”

“If I do hesitate it will be all cut short won’t it?”

“Sadly yes. No coming back from there.”


“Guess that’s it?”

“Afraid so.”

“So much for that short cut, cut short in the prime of his life.”

“It’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes.”


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11 Responses to SoCS Nov. 4/17 – shortcut/cut short

  1. Good one, Michael. I Like the tagless dialog.

  2. He missed out on love.

  3. MNL says:

    hmmm, some people don’t like short cuts. Maybe he should offer walking the long way with her as she does sound like the cautious sort.

  4. Jami Carder says:


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