Saturday Mix – Double Take, 28 October 2017

Double Take

draftpreliminary version
draughtgust of wind; a depth of water needed to float a ship

Our second set of homophones is:

findlocate something
finedto have to pay a penalty


On a cold wet winters night

There is no escaping the draught

It slips in under the door

Wraps itself around us all.

With work to be done

A draft is secured

Rough around the edges for sure.

But a start and that is that.

It had to be done to avoid the fine

To be fined for tardiness just wouldn’t do

After all there was reputation to maintain

Most people thought it came so easy.

In the recesses of my mind

Was the ideal place to find

The words to complete the draft

Letting me think of things other than the freezing draught.


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3 Responses to Saturday Mix – Double Take, 28 October 2017

  1. julespaige says:

    I just finished mowing in a draught, to possibly avoid being fined for grass grown too long…
    😉 Like what you did in your piece.

  2. weejars says:

    Clever use of the words 😊

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