Music Prompt #13: Snow Patrol – “Run” #musicchallenge #amwriting #music

This week’s prompt: Snow Patrol’s “Run”



“Even if you cannot hear my voice

I’ll be right beside you dear”


He lay in the bed beside her feeling the devastation of the moment.

He felt ashamed, less a man and unworthy of her affection and love.

He couldn’t deliver; he felt his life was over.

“It’s ok,” she said, “it happens.”

“Not to me it doesn’t,” he muttered and she felt the contempt in his voice. He wasn’t asking for her pity.

“You are getting older.”

“I know.”

“You are a bit on the overweight side.”


“It happens to men as they age. You don’t produce as much testosterone as you once did.”

“You aren’t making me feel any better.”

“Well there are pills you know. Take one and in a little while, whammo, away you can go. Be fun wouldn’t it?”

“I don’t like taking pills. I feel bad enough now. Taking pills would make me feel it was not me but someone else.”

“Well I’d tell you if it was someone else, I could have a good look and then I could say, with authority, if it was you or not.”

“I don’t think you are taking this seriously.”

“But I am, you are acting like it’s the end of the world and I’m saying there are ways round this. Ways that will make you feel good about yourself.”

“I’m feeling crap right now, I think I need to be alone.”

“Baby I love you, no matter what, I love you and I hate seeing you like this. All I’m saying is you don’t have to suffer, its what happens to older men but there are ways to rectify it all, plus give me a good time.”

“You think I should? I mean take the pill?

“Honey pie even though you don’t want to hear what I am saying, the pills are in your drawer, the doctor gave you a sample to try. It won’t kill you or anything. What have you got to lose?”

“I’ll take one and see what happens. Don’t laugh at me I feel stupid enough as it is.”

“Get it into you big boy, I’ll be right here, in expectation, beside you.”


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8 Responses to Music Prompt #13: Snow Patrol – “Run” #musicchallenge #amwriting #music

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    You always make me laugh Michael. I love the connection you made btwn this song and this man needing to take viagra. Lucky he has an understanding wife and a smart one too. She knows how to talk to her husband so they both get what they want. Lol. Thank you for participating Michael!

  2. Mara Eastern says:

    Oh dear, poor guy, you were so mean to him as his creator! Also, Snow Patrol is one of my favourite bands.

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