Weekend Writing Prompt #23 – Taste


The prompt word this week is ‘taste’.

It was true she discovered forbidden fruit tasted the best.

In fact she developed a craving for it. It wasn’t long before she knew she was addicted and went in search of it at every opportunity.

What was worse was he was dangling it in front of her and she sought him out at every chance she had.

She didn’t anticipate the cravings she developed. She didn’t know that her body would respond as it did.

At first idle curiosity grew to physical attraction to bodily interactions she didn’t know she was still capable of.

Her body tingled in anticipation, her bits long thought dead sprung to life and her sense of self heightened with each passing day.

She found herself hiding her passion, using all sorts of methods to secrete herself away and enjoy the succulent flavours, the delicious sensations that invaded her and drove her onward towards a day of reckoning.

The change in her was noticed.

Forbidden fruit has a way of shielding us from our reality and she suffered much when it was discovered she was imbibing in what she should not.

Discovery brought forth triggers, guilt, shame and deception.

In the midst of the night as she wrestled with her life she came to conclusions she didn’t like but were of a practical nature.

Her own needs, her physical awakening was going to hurt those around her. She couldn’t bear to shoulder that guilt so she backed away.

A physically loveless but safe life was preferable to the uncertainty of tasting forbidden fruit.


Written for: https://sammiscribbles.wordpress.com/2017/10/07/weekend-writing-prompt-23-taste/

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7 Responses to Weekend Writing Prompt #23 – Taste

  1. The forbidden fruit taste the sweetest. But in the end what she did was a compromise. It was her decision.

  2. mandibelle16 says:

    Gorgeous painting! What this a prompt photo? The colours and textures are brilliant and passionate and his cpnez through in your writing, in this women’s story of inudulgence and awakening. Kind of a sad end though, maybe for the best but I’m not altogether sure.

  3. The more it’s forbidden, the great the desire to have it. Once it’s tasted, going back is painful. Breaking it free seems so impossible! Wonderful writing, Michael!

  4. Fluid Phrase says:

    This is a beautiful and well-written piece. Very well done indeed.

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