Thursday photo prompt – Watchers #writephoto


It was a normal school excursion, and the kids were so excited to be going to Alien Rock to study the rock formations and see if they could find any traces of gold in the small creek that ran through the bottom of the valley between the two gorges.

Everyone knew the stories of disappearance and mystery about the rock. It was part of the local folklore, and their teacher relished the opportunity to regale them with tales of the rock as they travelled along in the bus.

They all had their instructions, question sheets and working in pairs they had enough to keep them busy for some hours.

They were to meet back at the bus, parked in a cleared parking area at the base of the rock for a lunch break and to discuss their respective findings.

The girls reported the eerie feeling of someone watching them as they’d moved about among the rock formations. One girl was sure she saw someone slip behind a rock at one point. Their reports spooked the ones who had found the whole task boring and dull.

The teacher looked about counting heads and found he was two short. “Anyone seen Alice and Janice?” he asked.

Blank looks were all he received, and he went in search of the girls. He was gone some time and returned empty handed. It was then panic set in, and most of the students demanded they call for help and return immediately on the bus.

The teacher called for help. Loaded the students onto the bus and waited until help arrived before he allowed the bus to return with another teacher from the school.

He helped with the search, grew frantic himself as the extensive search turned up nothing. Where could they have gone he asked himself?

Parents arrived, more searchers and the School Principal, herself worried.

The true story of Alien Rock was only known to a few, and in the town below the rock the news of the missing girls filtered down there. A few eyebrows were raised among the older drinkers at the town watering hole. One looked at the other, and a nod told them all they needed to know.


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15 Responses to Thursday photo prompt – Watchers #writephoto

  1. Jael Sook says:

    Reminds me of a movie which may or may not have been based on the true account. Can’t recall the title, of course…

  2. Fandango says:

    An eerie tale well told. Good job.

  3. Sue Vincent says:

    Disquieting… and as mysterious as the place in the photo…

  4. Sight11 says:

    Discomforting, to say the least. Great pace. And great post..

  5. Picnic at Hanging Rock and 2001: A Space Odyssey are the only films that my children have pronounced so creepy they never ever want to watch again. Your little story is in the same vein.

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