100 Word Wednesday: Week 30 – Mum’s Cure


Photo by Jennifer Pallian

I woke up in the hospital with tubes in me and mum waving her arms in the strangest ways. Her eyes were shut, and she was gesturing to push whatever it was towards me.

She explained as I awoke the purpose of everything she’d assembled beside my bed.

“Wellness,” she said, “perfumes and aromas to cleanse your soul, aid your healing, and encourage recovery.”

She rearranged things endlessly, seeking the right position for everything positive to infuse me.

I breathed deeply, we’d been here before, and I knew it was pointless to interfere with her hocus pocus.


Written for: https://bikurgurl.com/2017/08/02/100-word-wednesday-week-30/

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10 Responses to 100 Word Wednesday: Week 30 – Mum’s Cure

  1. Sickness makes one so accommodative and reassuring. It pleases those around that things seem to be ok!


  2. Jael Sook says:

    A little loving hocus pocus surely can’t hurt 🙂

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