Tale Weaver #129 July 27th – Kiss – Casey visits Miss Marble


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Miss Marble was surprised to find Casey Longbottom from No 28 Grimace Street standing at her front door so early in the morning.

Casey lived a few houses down from Miss Marble at No 46 Grimace Street.

Casey and her new husband Steve had not long moved into the street. They were newlyweds and had been welcomed into Grimace Street by neighbours so pleased to see new blood amongst them.

But this morning Casey was clearly upset. There were tears streaming down her face as she looked in on Miss Marble who showed alarm and concern for the young lady.

It appeared after Miss Marble settled her down, that Casey and Steve had had a disagreement such that they had slept in separate rooms and when Casey awoke she found that Steve had already packed his bag and gone off to work without a good bye or departing kiss.

Casey and Steve had always promised to never leave their house without kissing each other goodbye. This was the first time it had happened, and Casey thought their disagreement was bad enough, but no kiss goodbye was a devastating blow to her.

Casey had heard that Miss Marble was a wonderful old lady to go and talk your problems over with.

As their conversation progressed, Miss Marble discovered that Casey and Steve had been having a few problems for some time. Steve had been coming home from work, tired out and the romance and affection he showed in the first few months of their marriage was beginning to wane.

Casey confided that she loved Steve. She loved his affection to her, she loved his kissing her, and she wanted so much to shower him with kisses as well.

The magic had gone and what was she to do?

Miss Marble in her usual way listened attentively to Casey before pouring her another cup of tea. She patted Casey on the hand and told her to sip her tea while she went out to her workshop in the back.

Miss Marble returned with a small blue phial. Her instructions to Casey were to place one drop in Steve’s dinner and one drop on his pillow before he went to bed.

Miss Marble embraced Casey as she left telling her all would be fine.

Later that night Miss Marble happened to be walking past No 28 Grimace Street just as Casey and Steve were retiring. The drop in his dinner had resulted in his finding great attraction to Casey. It was so strong he had not been able to leave her alone, instead had wanted nothing more than to kiss her in every possible way.

Miss Marble smiled to herself as she listened to Steve and Casey taking to their bed. There was nothing better than a good old fashioned kissing potion she thought to herself. As it was Casey had enough for a good two weeks, and in that time, she was sure their mutual attraction to each other would cement their relationship, if not they’d have mighty sore lips.

But from what Miss Marble heard as she wandered away, it wasn’t sore lips they might be feeling in the morning.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/07/27/tale-weaver-129-july-27th-kiss/

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19 Responses to Tale Weaver #129 July 27th – Kiss – Casey visits Miss Marble

  1. Lorraine says:

    What would Grimace Street, in fact the world, do without Miss Marble?
    Another wonderful tale. Kisses!

  2. Fandango says:

    Ooh. I’m blushing!

  3. scribblersdip says:

    Miss Marble is a marvel, with her potions and brew – I wonder if, I slipped over for a trip, she might find me a remedy or two? 😉

    wonderful reading and writing – love a good Miss Marble Michael – and interesting prompt this week – although I’m not sure my brain wants to play kissy kissy – but time will tell. 😉

  4. MC Clark says:

    A little smooching always livens things up. Nice…

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