SoCS July 8/17 – “ick”


It was all icky sticky yucky and on top of that a mess.

Another recipe, another cooking expedition gone south and me left with egg on my face.

My son had asked for a ‘Red Velvet Cake’ for his birthday. We had gone and found a recipe, it looked a little complicated, but I was determined to give it a try.

Made a list and went shopping for the ingredients, made sure I had a pan to cook it in and set to work.

The part that did me undone was the red food colouring. What I didn’t anticipate was the colouring have a mind of its own and deciding that every place but the mixing bowl was where it desired to go.

By the time the mixing was complete, there was red food colouring all over the bench and me as well. How did that happen?

To add to the horror, there was red food colouring on our new floor.

I feel to my knees with the appropriate cleaner, so I thought and rubbed to remove the stain. It got worst. It spread. The stain soaked in. I was desperate.

I bought a new mat to cover the stain.

Meanwhile, the cake was undergoing a baking like nothing seen before. The mix rose, poured over the top of the pan, dripped into the bottom of the oven, and I was watching beginning to feel an accustomed panic.

The recipe I had followed meticulously, how could all this be going wrong?

Thinking the time was up I pulled it from the oven to let it cool.

I prepared the icing, also a rich red, more food colouring, more mess on the kitchen bench.

After singing happy birthday later that evening, he sank the knife into the cake only to my horror discovering an icky sticky centre, uncooked and inedible.

I felt sick, I thought I’d pulled off a great trick, I wanted to bash the cake with a stick, how could I have been so thick?


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15 Responses to SoCS July 8/17 – “ick”

  1. Lorraine says:

    Ick! What a trick”y” experience; you were lick”ed” Double ick!

  2. Fandango says:

    I like red velvet cake…to eat. After reading your post, however, I will never ever attempt to bake one from scratch!

  3. MC Clark says:

    I think your red food coloring was hexed. Mine has always behaved. 😁

  4. Jael Sook says:

    This was heartbreaking, as I know the feeling of wanting to do something to please someone so much–and having the project go utterly south.

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