Saturday’s Mix–08 July 2017 – A Person of Merit


The task is to see how a silhouette would look in writing.

When you are an invisible person, you can safely exist on the periphery of society. People know you are there, but mostly they don’t care a lot about you as when they do see you all they see is the outline of you being there, and that’s all they are interested in seeing.

For some people knowing you are there is enough. If the time comes and they need you, they know where to reach you and ask you for whatever help they require safe in the knowledge you will most likely help them out.

It’s a dimension thing, isn’t it? You lack substance, you really aren’t all that interesting, and engaging with you can, for the most part, be onerous to the point of boredom.

On rare occasions, someone will come along who sees more to you than the average person. They reach in and touch your soul, they give you an open door through which to step out of yourself and reveal the real you to them.

It’s understandable when this happens to grasp at the attention they give you, but as has happened in the past it’s a con designed to have you within their power and once there like a fly in a spider’s web they exact their particular brand of manipulation.

Under the guise of making you a better man, a better version of yourself they strip you of everything you think makes you the person you are. You are ultimately left floundering, pandering to their every whim as they become the puppet master, and your life ceases to exist.

Then one day you gather enough strength to escape and find a suitable place to hide and stay there vowing to never come out.

But always you are looking, hoping another person, a person of merit will see the real you, not the card-board cut-out you have become.

Then unexpectedly they are there. Looking in they see all of you. They see you are a person of substance and they rejoice in seeing what so many others fail to see or just dismiss as a flaw in your character.

You find you can share your world with them, they share theirs’s in the knowledge that both are places you can go and feel safe.

You no longer feel a silhouette, but a person with merit, at least in the eyes of one other person.


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9 Responses to Saturday’s Mix–08 July 2017 – A Person of Merit

  1. Fandango says:

    Kind of a sad, yet touching story with what appears to be a happy ending. Good read.

  2. “no longer feel a silhouette”… I enjoyed the message in this and the lift at the end.

  3. MC Clark says:

    We all need that one person who really “sees” us, and accepts us just as we are.
    This is lovely, Michael…starts out sad but ends on a high note.

  4. Jael Sook says:

    This is phenomenal–exquisitely written…I so relate to getting sucked in by manipulative folks for the purpose of using you for whatever you’ve got…they leave a bitter taste in the mouth, a stain on the soul.

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