Thursday photo prompt – Peace – #writephoto – The Couch


The emerging summer brought together the Wyod. These were a silent minute forest folk who met each year at the site of the couch to decide the next procreators.

This was an honoured task, a task with risk, a task that would elevate the procreators to a position of high esteem among the assembled Wyod.

They communicated through gesture, a wave of the hands, a flick of the long fingers they possessed all had meaning and coupled with their unique facial gestures added layers of meaning to their purpose.

They gathered around the couch, no one was allowed onto the couch but the chosen ones. After much gesturing and nomination, a couple was chosen. Their selection was greeted with much physical animation. The Wyod knew they had chosen correctly when the two chosen immediately upon seeing each other reached out and touch one another, who set their focus upon the other, and both began the pre-procreation ritual dance.

They stood upon the couch and performed for the assembled Wyod. It was a mating dance aimed at stimulating the other. To the Wyod it was a sacred step towards procreation and the successful maintenance of life among the Wyod.

As they danced their bodies became more and more entwined, the level of attraction and intent had a similar effect upon the assembly who all moved in a rhythm as if one with the chosen ones.

The moment of inception was greeted with sparks, and an immense glow of light as one of the chosen Wyod encircled the other and pressed itself upon its partner. Then the custom was repeated, and by now the assembled Wyod were in a frenzy as they awaited the culmination of the ceremony.

The couple broke and where they had stood there was a pod, one that glowed an iridescent green glow. It sat on the couch before the assembled multitude who continued to dance as if out of control.

Then the pod turned a red, then a blue and the crowd now slowed and watched as the pod began to vibrate before exploding in a shower of golden stars. The stars settled upon the ground and the Wyod quickly gathered them up and holding them in their arms turned and made their way back into the forest where each Wyod would nurture the star they held until the following spring when it would produce a new member of their community.

And so, the couch would be left to tourists and bush walkers to ponder over its origin and purpose, until the next summer.


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11 Responses to Thursday photo prompt – Peace – #writephoto – The Couch

  1. This is brilliant Michael. I love the idea of a bursting pod generating new life to be nurtured.

  2. Sue Vincent says:

    I agree with Di, Michael 🙂

  3. scribblersdip says:

    enchanting – absolutely mysterious and enigmatic – with just enough of the sparky light delight while leaving the “muggles” wondering – loved how you ended this tale 🙂

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  5. frankhubeny says:

    Nice story about the Wyod which explains the mystery of that bed.

  6. willowdot21 says:

    I like everything about this story💗

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