Tale Weaver – No 122 – 1/6/17 – The Doomsberry Park


Image © Mara Eastern (Used with permission)

Doomsberry Park was one of those places where it was easy to feel both at ease and ill at ease at the same time.

Sometimes it seems to stretch indefinitely to the east and some days to the west. At other times, it seems to inhabit that small part of the neighbourhood between the supermarket and the hardware store.

Either way, it was always an interesting place to venture into.

The gardens were both magnificent and simple, the flora spectacular with all variety of plants to be found. The tropical orchids were always a hit with visitors no matter the season.

It was one of those gardens where everything is always in season. Makes for a delightful visit every time you go for a walk there.

As well as the sights of the glorious nature that exist you can on occasion come across small groups of people doing what small groups do. In the middle of the park, there are tables and chairs, an outdoor chess board and a swing set like none you’ve ever seen before. If you dare to sit on one of the seats, strap yourself in and relax it gives you the most amazing ride. A swing like no other, but it’s best to ride it rather than describe it.

The centre of the park is a meeting place for all sorts of groups, the old timers concentrating on their chess games, the jig-saw puzzle folk and over to one side, you’ll find a group of ladies, resplendent in black huddled in earnest chat.

These are the park witches a harmless group who love coming together to swap cauldron recipes and reveal their newest potions. The group has always existed and is led by Maunchy Munchinson a third-generation witch and one-time student of Miss Marble of 46 Grimace Street.

I think it’s a great place to go for a quiet stroll, to take a loved one for let’s be honest, they will be enchanted, and one never knows where a decent enchantment might take one.

So, if you happen to be down Doomsberry way call into the park and have a good look around. You’ll soon be lost in its charms.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/06/01/tale-weaver-no-122-1617-the-park/

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12 Responses to Tale Weaver – No 122 – 1/6/17 – The Doomsberry Park

  1. Mara Eastern says:

    It was a pleasure to see my photo pop up in the Reader along with your post. You made a good use of it!

  2. scribblersdip says:

    This has brought a wonderful smile to my face – for all kinds of reasons!

    I love how you’ve worded this – from start to finish; it has this “precise yet imprecise” – “here but not here” but perhaps, wait, “over there” feeling which literally adds to the charming idea of this space. And talk about a great name? LOL – you are the master of naming Michael 😉

    I love the idea of a space stretching and shifting, just enough of a hint of the absurd in this – just a teasing taste that deviates from the expected, – which makes it brilliant, but then, if there is a group hosted by a one time Miss Marble student? Then surely this is a place of enchantments and charms …. now, if only I would stop getting lost on my way to this place – perhaps you could ask it set itself down until I arrive, with sneakers untied, with a trippingly dream-goofy smile on my face!

    Cheers and well done Michael 😀

    • Michael says:

      Thank you Pat I very much appreciate your comments so much so that i have written another part to the story, you might enjoy it too…

      • scribblersdip says:

        Whoohoo! something to enjoy reading, me thinks tomorrow morning 🙂

      • Michael says:

        Well I hope so….I had the feeling Doomsberry Park could be a fun place to write about….so maybe later I’ll write some more…

      • scribblersdip says:

        It seems perfectly in tune with several of your cast … just the right scene for cross-overs and mis-slips 😉 Hahahaha – I love your mind Michael 😉 (and you’re pretty decent all around yourself, my friend) [and pray tell that is not being too forward] 😉

      • Michael says:

        Thank you Pat but I have as many foibles as the next bloke…I just keep them hidden…lol….I’d never want you discovering any and running off screaming…

      • scribblersdip says:

        compared to the men I’ve known, you are a saint Michael 😀 And yup, we all have our faults and good points, and quirks, but you’re still one of the good guys 😀

  3. mandibelle16 says:

    Sounds like a wonderful and magical place!

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