SoCS May 27/17 – smell


This week the word to explore is “smell”.

Was that you?

Was what me?

That smell.

No, it wasn’t and I resent the implication that every smell you detect has to be me.

Well, it usually is.

It is not.

Smells in this house and you my love go hand in hand.

It could be a mouse. I’ve been putting out a few baits.

Why are you telling me this?

Could explain the smell is what I’m saying.

The smell is in this room. Very close to you.

Could be a dead one under the bed.

Under the bed?

Yes, it happens.

Not in my house, it doesn’t.

You better have a look then.

I’m not getting under the bed, you look, you put out the baits. You didn’t leave them where the kids might get at them, did you?

I don’t think so.

You don’t think so?

Well, think about it. Paulie is looking poorly, Pete is looking perky and Sarah’s as sour as always.

That’s a relief, they are ok then. So, are you going to check under the bed or not?

Ok, when you say it like that I have no choice, do I?

No, you don’t.

Well, I checked and can you go get the dustpan?


Have him out of here in a jiffy.

Oh my God, under our bed?

Well proves it wasn’t me!


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23 Responses to SoCS May 27/17 – smell

  1. It does prove the point. (unpleasantly I’ll admit.)

  2. LindaGHill says:

    Hahaha! Love it. I’ve heard of blaming it on the dog, but never the mouse. Thanks for the giggle, Michael.

  3. Lyn says:

    We’ve had a plague of mice lately. Caught 9 of them — two of them in one trap together — so far. The last one (this morning) must have as fast as Speedy Gonzales when the trap sprung because he lay dead as a dodo on the floor next to it.

  4. Funny the person looks under the bed and it’s really a dead mouse. It would be a bit upsetting to find a dead mouse under the bed though. 😀

  5. Had a mouse in the bedroom once. Partner didn’t believe me and the light was doing some bizzarre version of morse code. Mousey didn’t survive, but it sure was entertaining watching the ‘moon’ going up….. and down….. and up…….

  6. MC Clark says:

    Better a dead mouse than a dead body under the bed. 😁

  7. scribblersdip says:

    This made me think on the time I had adopted a stray and she was a real huntress. Took care of all the mice inside, and then, well, in her boredom, had to bring a few from the outside. Which was fine, although I don’t like picking up dead bodies – but she went too far when she brought in a live one, her wind-up toy and the chase was on. I hollered and screamed and she tried, but the mouse got away. I chastised her to no end, and paid the price – she caught the offender, and then purposely hid it, in plain site, (it blended in with the carpet I had in the living room) and left it directly under my “papsan chair” – rounded wicker, like a bowl. I didn’t see it for several days, and the smell was getting worse and worse – I “asked of the dog” and he was none too pleased to be “questioned” – and she waited, and watched and had a right great howl, at me, when I made the stinking discovery. Talk about awful. Yuck. But I learned my lesson.

    Great tale Michael – more’s the pity it was in your bedroom!

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