Saturday’s Mix–27 May 2017 – Counting my “Blessings”.


When things went, pear shaped at home the park was my place of refuge. My favourite spot was at the far end of the pond and there I sat and looked at the water pondering my life, future and prospects.

My thoughts were interrupted by a wedding party descending on the pond. As it was Saturday afternoon this sometimes happened and I looked across at the bride all smiles in virginal white and the groom looking like a man who had won the lottery.

Then for reasons unknown it all changed.

Something must have been said because I could see the bride look daggers at her new husband, he barked at her and then she returned fire.

Soon the bridesmaid was at the throat of the groom, the bride was in tears and the best man was leading the groom away a safe distance.

There was shouting, then I assumed the bride’s father arrived and took umbrage at the groom and before long there was an all-in fight. Fists were flying, language sprayed across the park, a crowd was gathering, the bride was by now distraught and the mother of the bride swung her handbag at the now defenceless groom.

It did disturb my reverie.

It made me realise my marriage, as crap as it was, didn’t go to shit on my wedding day.

All that came later. “You poor bastards,” I thought, “have you any idea what you are getting into?”



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11 Responses to Saturday’s Mix–27 May 2017 – Counting my “Blessings”.

  1. Lyn says:

    Blimey! Not off to a very good start are they 😦

  2. With this fist, I thee thump. Love it.

  3. MC Clark says:

    Lol…most haven’t the faintest idea about what they’re getting into.

  4. scribblersdip says:

    It does not bear well to start off as such. But then, one never knows what will come of things in life.

  5. Teresa says:

    Oh my goodness. I can see them ending up on some daytime tv show! Nicely done!

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