First Line Friday 26.05.17 – The Stenham House


This week’s first line: The Stenham house was an ancient locked thing and nothing returned there except for crows. 

There was an irony in the fact the house had been the site of several murders in the years before it was locked up.

And now a murder of crows occupied the place, their cries reaching out across the valley to warn anyone coming close that this was a place of death.

Crows are not welcoming.

It was a sad cold place and people were happy to stay away for fear of disturbing the ghosts whom they knew lingered in the blood-stained hallways.

Now it was home to the crows though some thought they acted more as sentinels of danger, that the house was unfit for humans and should be avoided.

Their cries and ominous presence certainly made that clear.


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8 Responses to First Line Friday 26.05.17 – The Stenham House

  1. Lyn says:

    “A murder of crows.” Isn’t that just the most wonderful collective name for a group — especially for a group of crows. The crows sitting around the eaves or the chimney would be enough to keep anyone away. Great story, Michael.

  2. I’d forgotten the collective for crows is a murder. Nice play on words there Michael.

  3. MC Clark says:

    Crows and ravens…best to avoid them. 🙂

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