Music Prompt #4: Lady Antebellum – “You Look Good” #musicprompt

The bar was crowded and I felt like a fish out of water. Bars weren’t the places I frequented.

It had been a particularly tough day and my colleague had suggested that to unwind I go to the bar with him, just for one drink he said. It seemed like a reasonable thing as he’d been as stressed as me from the day’s negotiations.

So, I followed him in and sat at one end of the bar. I don’t drink so I ordered a coke knowing he would quickly down the beer in front of him I looked about to see the post work crowd all debriefing and no doubt bitching about their day.

It was then I saw her, sitting at the far end. She was with a bunch of her work colleagues, I concluded not able to think of another reason she might be there.

There was something about her that attracted me instantly.

The flashing smile and the piercing eyes had me enraptured within seconds.

As I am more a people watcher than an interactor I realised she was a little like me as she nervously looked around the bar and like me looked at the clock on the wall trying, like me, to ascertain the moment to take my leave.

She looked down the bar in my direction and our eyes met. Embarrassed by the contact we both looked away. But I couldn’t help look back and focus on her.

As I sipped my coke, my work colleague down several beers all the while prattling on about his day and what he’d do if he had his time over again.

Down the bar the object of my fascination continued to sneak glances my way, all the while smiling at anything said by one of her girlfriends.

I made an excuse to leave, I knew or at least felt it was my best strategy knowing my success rate with women was not something I’d ever put on my resume.

I made my way out of the bar, took a breath of air at the front door and knew the train home would be arriving soon.

I felt a touch on my arm and there she was.

She blurted out her name, said she was pleased to be out of there and that bars were not her thing.

I stood there looking at her. Up close she was more beautiful than I had previously thought. Her smile sparkled, her eyes twinkled, her hair was flowing and her skin looked immaculate. Inside me, a voice said, “What do you think you’ll do with a woman as beautiful as this one?”

The silence that followed said it all. She looked from my face to the street. Asked if we could walk?

Walk we did, introductions, life stories, expectations, job reflections.

I never thought I could feel so comfortable with a woman who was in my opinion way ahead of me in every way.

Midnight found us in the park opposite the train station. It was the first time I felt like I didn’t want to go home.

She took my hand and asked me to meet her again. I think I stammered something I hoped she took as a yes.

Then she hailed a taxi and as it stopped at the kerb she reached up and kissed me softly saying it was a great night. We’d meet tomorrow at midday for lunch.

As she drove away I suddenly realised my legs were feeling like jelly.


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11 Responses to Music Prompt #4: Lady Antebellum – “You Look Good” #musicprompt

  1. that was a good night! 🙂

  2. Lyn says:

    Oh I do hope there will be many, many more dates. They seem perfect for one another. LOL they sound a lot like me, except I’ve never been to a bar. A few pub restaurants, but never a bar. Just not my scene — even when I was working and young and foolish.

  3. MC Clark says:

    So sweet…🙂

  4. mandibelle16 says:

    This is a wonderful take on the song Michael. Definantly shares similarities to theme in the song lyrics. It seems like a great meet-cute to me and hopefully ends with a lasting relationship!

    • Michael says:

      Thanks Mandi, I particularly like Lady Antebellum. Happy to add my thoughts.
      I explored it further in the Saturday prompt

      • mandibelle16 says:

        I’m glad you like them Michael, they are pretty great. I can’t wait until they tour and come here, they are a band I have wanted to see live for so long, but have never had the chance! Thanks again for participating 🙂

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