Thursday photo prompt: Inside-out #writephoto – Feet Up


He hated it when it rained. Not only was it cold but the water would invariably leak through the old window seals and drip into his cell. It meant moving everything to one side of the room.

Once the downpour had been so heavy as to leave him barely an inch to sit in.

He had raised the issue with his guards who laughed and reminded him a prison cell wasn’t a room at the Hilton and he had to accept whatever came his way.

After years of this, he fashioned his own means of survival. He could ascertain from the rate of rainfall and the wind direction if his person was in danger of suffering another soaking. That’s was the trouble he reasoned, the soaking wasn’t swift it was slow as the water inexorably made its way across the floor towards him. It was feet up and shut his mind away from the cold, the wet, the discomfort, telling himself tomorrow it would stop, the floor would dry out and his world would be back to normal.

He liked normal. Normal was a dry day, sunshine and warmth.

Above he could see the monsters spouting water in an increasing volume. He huddled into his bed, eyes on the window as the first drops appeared.


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20 Responses to Thursday photo prompt: Inside-out #writephoto – Feet Up

  1. Ritu says:

    Great take Michael x

  2. Lyn says:

    ~sigh~ Monsters spouting water in an increasing volume is never a good thing. We have rain here today, thankfully none of the windows leak…unless I forget to close them and there is a good crosswind :/

  3. scribblersdip says:

    What an unusual and very vividly written tale – loved how you interpreted the image – setting a bleak scene and gray hearted tone …. definitely gave me a start but a thoroughly enjoyable story, none the less.

    • Michael says:

      Thank you so much, like most of what I write its about exploring an idea and seeing where it goes….thanks so much for your comment and for the follow……

      • scribblersdip says:

        umm, yeah, I better re-introduce for the millionth and one time …. it’s me, Pat – and I’ve just averted, “knock on wood, in this case, my head” a potential computer crisis of epic proportions, involving have to wipe my hard drive and so, it a valiant and hopefully lasting effort and a test of my mental health, I am using a new internet platform, which meant starting an new id/ to determine if it will remain bug free etc. etc. So happy trails to both you and I, again, my friend 😵

      • Michael says:

        I was reading your comments and thinking, this is Pat, is it not…there is something very distinctive about the way you write such wonderful comments…

      • scribblersdip says:

        LOL – yup, it’s me – busted and dusted again …. and thank you for the lovely compliment 🙂

      • Michael says:

        You are welcome…..good to see you up and about, doing what you do so well..

      • scribblersdip says:

        thank you … I think 😉 LOL … so what do I do so well, dust, bust, or comment so well? 😉 glad to see you too – always a pleasure and thanks for the follow 🙂

      • Michael says:

        Aren’t you Ravenside as well?

      • scribblersdip says:

        yup = but that’s giving me interference because of Chrome and Google being in cahoots with Microsoft, so I’m having to see what will break first, my will, or my computer …. so in the mean time …. I shall soldier on and see in the new platform for cyber surfing allows me to be sane and hassle free – so far, it’s working smoothly 🙂

      • Michael says:

        Good I wish you well we need good scribbers dipping their wares in the blog world…

      • scribblersdip says:

        it’s something to do … until I figure out what I want to be when I grow up 😉

      • Michael says:

        And isn’t it fun…..its like a huge playground to do your stuff in….

      • scribblersdip says:

        LOL, yeah – and you get to make new friends and playmates 😉

      • Michael says:

        and they come in so many colours of the rainbow…

      • scribblersdip says:

        and from all stripes marks and places … makes for a grand time 😀

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