Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale #113: the quest 30.03.17 – Sir Gladys Thostle


Prince Charming woke up to another day of boredom in the Tower of Boredom.

PC (as he was known to his friends) had been stuck in the tower for a long time. Ransoms had been demanded, but so far none had been forthcoming.

It was the Wicked Witch who had turned up on his doorstep one morning and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse in the form of a needle to his arm. He woke up in the Tower of Boredom and had been there ever since.

The Wicked Witch thinking PC was a sure-fire way to make a quick quid had sent demands for his release, but all that came back were requests for her to keep him as he needed to be taught a few lessons about the real world and now she had taken the initiative all that could be achieved.

Now he was her responsibility, and she had no other alternative, other than killing and disposing of him, and she was not that sort of wicked witch as she had a thing about blood, so she kept him in the tower. Each week to his amazement she turned up with his meal schedule for the week.

PC was not used to looking after himself and after looking around the tower discovered it had everything he needed to survive including a kitchen. The Wicked Witch brought in a box of vegetables and ingredients along with easy recipes and PC was felt to figure it all out, or starve.

And so, life took on a predictable course. He would rise in the mornings and walk to the window and look out over the vast wilderness that was his world.

One morning he caught sight of a rider approaching. The rider was a long way off, and PC’s hopes of rescue rose as the rider appeared to be coming closer.

The rider was, in fact, Sir Gladys Thostle, knight extraordinaire, sent on a mission to find out if PC was still alive and if so to perform a valiant rescue, valiant enough to get a good write up in the papers at least.

Sir Gladys remembered PC as a precocious brat of a kid who in her opinion deserved all that came his way, especially if pain was involved. She had been on the receiving end of plenty of his meanness as a child growing up and now she was a knight of the realm she felt the time had come to pay back in some way his unkindness.

As she approached the Tower of Boredom she had to negotiate the Gates of Boredom, installed by the Wicked Witch to keep unwanted strangers away. However, as no one had ever shown any interest in rescuing PC she had instructed the Gates to allow through any one silly enough to think PC was worth rescuing.

So, it was with some surprise that Sir Gladys Thostle arrived at the gates and found them open.

She ventured through and soon was at the base of the Tower. High above she could see the arms of PC waving frantically.

The Tower of Boredom had a door in the base with a note attached.


“If you have come to rescue Prince Charming, enter here, follow the steps to the door at the top of the stairs. The door to his room is open, he is too stupid and conceited to know that, take him home and pretend to have rescued him. I have gone to my yoga class. Good luck, the Wicked Witch”.


Thinking it might be a trap and having remembered the first lesson of rescuing people such as Princes and Princesses, “If it looks easy if probably is, so beware.”

By the time, she reached the top she was feeling more and more apprehensive. There was no danger. The door to his room was open, he was standing there in the middle of the room looking decidedly lost.

PC didn’t recognise Sir Gladys Thostle who proceeded to tell PC that there was great danger and that he’d best stay close for fear of the tower Troll awakening and ripping his princely body to shreds.

Believing everything she said PC kept in step with his rescuer as they made their way down the long narrow staircase.

Every so often she would stop and feign danger, knowing PC was a second away from soiling his royal pants as she laughed uproariously inside.

Once outside she told him he had to wear a blindfold as they made their escape as she wanted to shield him from the horrors they would encounter on the way home. PC was willing to do anything to enable his escape.

Despite the blindfold, it didn’t stop him talking non-stop the whole time. Sir Gladys did think of a gag, but as a knight, she was attuned to tuning out in the face of adversity.

By nightfall, the quest to find PC was all but over and the castle was in sight.

She removed his blindfold, and he could see home. PC looked ahead and inside vowed to find a way to seek vengeance on all who had wronged him, the face of the Wicked Witch forever in his mind.

Sir Gladys waited for a word of thanks from PC, but as none was forth-coming, she understood why the conceited bastard was abandoned to the Wicked Witch.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/03/30/tale-weaverfairy-tale-113-the-quest-30-03-17/

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11 Responses to Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale #113: the quest 30.03.17 – Sir Gladys Thostle

  1. Lorraine says:

    Wonderful questing adventure. Reminds me of my favourite tale — Paper Bag Princess.
    I can certainly understand why the witch was glad to be rid of him, and l love Sir Gladys’ bits of revenge!
    Another amusing, smiler of a story. Hope to hear more about Sir Gladys — she is an interesting character; not boring at all.
    Thanks so for participating and playing the questing game!

  2. Sangbad says:

    Wonderful…rethinking the fairy tale in whole different light

  3. similar thoughts to mine, only the grown up version!

  4. mandibelle16 says:

    Wonderfully written Michael. I enjoyed the role reversals and how much the prince was annoying to the knightly woman who saved him. No thanks at all, she can sympathize with the wicked witch lol. A humerous ending and I liked it very much 🙂

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