Thursday photo prompt – Empty #writephoto – Darcy’s Shack.



There wasn’t much left of Darcy’s old fishing shack after the storm. The hut sat on the edge of the beachhead for as long as I could remember. Darcy was a name my father told me about.

He recalled Darcy as an old man who spent his days fishing the water’s edge, forever happy telling tales of his seafaring days.

A few times over the years I had ventured into Darcy’s old hut. There wasn’t much to suggest it was a home or anything, more a shelter from the weather.

It was one room with a crude table in the centre, a chair that had seen better days, a few shelves nailed to the walls and in one corner a rough old bed. There was a tin framed fireplace and windows with ragged curtains hanging over them.

Now the place lay in ruins. A pile of timber bearing no visible sign of inhabitancy. In the rubble that was once Darcy’s home lay all the secrets and memories of a man who lived long ago, all forgotten but preserved in the timbers now scattered on the ground.


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15 Responses to Thursday photo prompt – Empty #writephoto – Darcy’s Shack.

  1. Sue Vincent says:

    Most of us have memories of that kind of place from childhood. there was always a story waiting to be uncovered…

  2. Nice BLOG 🎶🎶💕 ADD my BLOG too!!!

  3. ellenbest24 says:

    It evoked an emptiness within the words a lonely sadness. Nice write.

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  5. Carl Bystrom says:

    Well crafted mood. Reminiscence.

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  7. Lovely and nostalgic of days past. Nicely done. 🙂

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