Sunday Strange microfiction challenge – Blessed Fortune


When Goodness Fortune gave birth to a daughter, she thought her life had been truly blessed.

But the blessedness was short lived for Goodness’s daughter, Blessed proved to be anything but that.

She was an unhappy child, angry, constantly cried as nothing seemed to satisfy her. Goodness was keen to nurse her baby as a mother should, but Blessed rejected her breast within the first week of her life. Comforted by the midwife who explained that some babies just don’t take to the breast she consoled herself that life was full of trials and tribulations and this was one that she had to deal with.

Wanting only the best for her child, she was an enthusiastic mother and provided her daughter with no end of stimulus to aid in her development.

But Blessed seemed not to want anything to do with her mother or anything she offered to her.

“I think the child is possessed,” she confided in her friend Gracious Deed. “Nothing I do seems to connect with her in any way. I don’t know what to do.”

Both women stared at the child sitting in her chair spitting her food onto the floor.

Regurgitating her dinner was one thing, but it was the evil look in Blessed’s eyes that bothered people the most.

It was a curious circumstance when you looked at it. Goodness was almost saint-like in her manner and demeanour, and she had a child that resembled the devil’s spawn.

On her fourth birthday Blessed ripped apart her birthday gift of a beautiful doll, porcelain and hand-crafted by Blessed’s grandmother, Constant Gift. Goodness found the doll in pieces in Blessed’s room with the child smiling malevolently at the pieces scattered around the floor.

Her mother remembered the time some years before when she had taken her baby to the fields to look at the sheep and the look in the eyes of the child of pure evil as if each sheep was for her pleasure to do with what she pleased. Nothing had changed, and she feared it would get worse which was what was happening on a daily basis.

As Blessed grew and language was learned it became another weapon she used to intimidate and terrify anyone who challenged her.

On her sixth birthday, Goodness took the step to bring in the churchman she least liked, the exorcist. Matters were so extreme that even though she vowed to never go down that path desperate times called for desperate measures.

The Exorcist, Goodman Value, was experienced even if a bit of a charlatan. Money upfront was exchanged, and he went to meet Blessed.

Goodman was never the same again.

Blessed called her mother, explained that people like Goodman Value were more evil than she was and that she could save her money for useful purposes.

It was the first time her daughter had ever spoken about herself, and it opened a dialogue that was to go on throughout Blessed’s life where despite her malevolence she meant her mother no harm.

Everyone else she thought of as fair game.


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7 Responses to Sunday Strange microfiction challenge – Blessed Fortune

  1. The child’s face is so evil it must have been intentional. I do like your choice of names. If they had wanted to provoke the devil there was no better way 🙂

  2. wordwitch88 says:

    Great names and story – and curious ending, to be sure ….. makes me wonder what’s what with this child? Curious painting too.

    An enjoyable read Michael 🙂

  3. Bernadette says:

    Such a strange and discomforting tale. Well done.

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