March 16: Flash Fiction Challenge – Same Old.


March 16, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) go down the rabbit hole to a place where art is not allowed. It could be a small story or a dystopian vision. Is there a power struggle over art? Would the general public miss it? Is the end of art a natural evolution? Go where the prompt leads.


It was wake up, get dressed, the same day after day.

The sombre grey of the working man matched the sombre grey of the business man, the check-out girl and the garbage man.

Let’s have no discrimination they had said. Let’s create a society where we are all one and the same. It did away with worrying about what to wear as the state provided everything. All you did was send in your size and back it came at you.

It worked so well. We all felt part of something. Then the something got muddled and we wondered why.


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8 Responses to March 16: Flash Fiction Challenge – Same Old.

  1. wordwitch88 says:

    Oh … tight and well written Michael!

    The repetition of the grey really nails this – and the last sentences – totally brings this home!

    Stunning piece – with such depth of implications and perception. Yup. *shaking my head in agreement and amazement at the power of this short story.*

  2. Lorraine says:

    1984 it is. I remember a picture prompt where everything was shades of grey and black except for one red item. The muddling in your story made me think of the red in the painting of greys and blacks.
    Powerful 99 words.

  3. Charli Mills says:

    Bleak and yet powerful. This is how we eliminate the other — by being the same. Yet. it’s lacking the very essence of being a creative human. No art in a life that’s all gray. No wonder the people felt it lacking. Great last line!

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