Tale Weaver #109: metamorphosis 02.03.17 – Rover the Dog/Cat


It came as such a shock to everyone when it first happened.

Our dog Rover changed into a cat.

It’s quite ridiculous when you think about it that such a thing should happen and we were as puzzled as Rover at the transformation.

But one moment Rover was lying on the floor chewing on a bone and the next he was changing into a cat and experiencing the cat like delight of a hairball. The look on his face was terrifying. Our lovable and delight of our lives was there in front of us as a tabby cat, heaving his insides out as he brought up what can only be described as something bordering on the obscene.

This transformation only lasted a day, thankfully, with Rover appearing at the back door the next morning looking decidedly forlorn with a dead mouse at his feet.

Not only that but he would be licking his lips not from tasty delight but from sheer horror at what he had had in his mouth overnight.

Needless to say, he slept through the whole day trying to put out of his mind what had occurred.

It was the full moon that brought it all on. When it shone, the cat came out. It became such a regular thing that we installed a litter tray for the cat. If we forgot to put it away, we’d find Rover snacking in it seemingly oblivious to what he was actually eating. Those were the moments we recoiled.

Rover went about his doggy business from day to day and as the time of the full moon approached we could tell he was becoming more and more anxious. As time went on, he knew what was coming and would hide out thinking if he couldn’t see the moon then the moon wouldn’t see him. So he would bury himself in his kennel, cover himself in his blanket and pretend not to be there. But before long out he’d slid, his tabby self, looking about and I’m sure ever so wary of having been in a dog’s kennel. He’s sit up in the tree and watch the birds and on occasion, much to our disgust catch one.

The next morning Rover would be back, sorrowful and repentant for his cat persona’s misdemeanours.

It’s been five years now since all this started and we have grown used to it. We don’t think anything happens to anyone else in the house though my wife does tend to favour red meat, raw, at the same time.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/03/02/tale-weaver-109-metamorphosis-02-03-17/

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13 Responses to Tale Weaver #109: metamorphosis 02.03.17 – Rover the Dog/Cat

  1. wordwitch88 says:

    Welcome “back, home, here”?

    I’ve missed you Michael – and hope all is well. You were noticeably absent from the blogging world and just this morning (Thursday here) I was making inquiries with Lorraine, wondering if she had any word of where you were.

    So without further ado – glad you’re here and hope you are feeling in fine fettle 🙂

    Great tale or should that be tail(s) – here – novel idea – dog into cat at the full moon! Ha! I would think that would be a dog’s worst nightmare. And the last line – great little twist of humour!
    Enjoyed the reading – most definitely brought smiles to my face – I could see a dejected to be a cat dog/cat showing up with mouse in mouth, the eyes the window to the soul and all that – hence the morose mutt. Wonderful details Michael that make this sing 🙂

  2. Lorraine says:

    A werecat! I shall watch the neighbourhood dogs a bit more closely next full moon. Mango, our much missed adopt-a-neighbour’s-dog was a pug who believed he was a cat. No full transformation, but I swear that dog could purr when you scratched his tummy.
    Lovely tale of transformation. Glad to see your morning walks are doubly productive — creativity and exercise for the mind and the body.
    Thanks so for participating and baby-sitting the prompt. Hope all is well with you and that extended Grogan clan.

  3. Lyn says:

    I’d watch the little woman though, it’s only a small step between red, raw meat and the jugular vein 😉

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