Wordle #142 “February 13th, 2017” – Valentine’s Day


This week’s words: Madly Scream Blackbird Overmorrow (the day after tomorrow) Voluminous Crack Settle Morsel Narrow  Fallen Zenosyne (the sense that time is going faster) Chain

It was Valentine’s Day in the office and the day had begun with the screams of delight from the many voluminously breasted women for whom the office courier did a roaring trade delivering no amount of roses and chocolates as the day went by.

I settled into my cubicle, it was a day when even a morsel of affection would be better than the amount I anticipated coming my way. The narrow minds of my co-workers had earlier run a sweep to see if I received anything. They knew perfectly well I would receive my usual quota – zero. My best strategy I had long discovered was to keep my head down and smile warmly if anyone approached.

Yesterday all I could think about was the overmorrow. The day after today when the office would return to normal, well as normal as my office ever got. It was a day I breathed a sigh of relief as with the overmorrow I was well and truly over the whole event.

It didn’t mean I didn’t dream. Judy Blackbird with whom I maintained a secret relationship and a woman I was madly in love with had received her more than bountiful amount of single stem red roses. I wondered how she had room to do her work there seemed to be so many on her desk. I had fallen for her on my first day on the job. Under my desk I had a small card I’d purchased that morning. I wanted to wait for the right moment to drop it on her desk.

By three in the afternoon I was beginning to experience zenosyne moments as I realised my chances were slipping away with each passing second.

By four there was no crack in her schedule where I could leave my note. My zenosyne was fast turning into a zenosynic phobia and I was scrambling to find a way to get to her desk that wasn’t going to look too obvious.

In my fear I realised I was chained to my desk and I was going nowhere.

At five the office began packing up to end their day. The voluminously breasted women tittered to each other as they gathered the spoils of their day and the winnings of the sweep were distributed to the gloating winners.

Judy Blackbird had to use a bag to carry out all her gifts and left without giving me a second glance.

I was last to leave that day and opened my bottom drawer on my desk and settled my card on top of the ones I had from previous years.

Thank goodness the overmorrow was tomorrow.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/02/13/wordle-142-february-13th-2017/

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17 Responses to Wordle #142 “February 13th, 2017” – Valentine’s Day

  1. Lorraine says:

    Good use of the words, but the poor fellow’s unrequited love for Judy! Maybe next year . . .

  2. I suppose when you haven’t done it yet it’s still a dream that might go well, rather than doing it and being humiliated. I do hope he will try though…I’m sad

  3. Joyfrida says:

    Gosh, sad ending 😦 I loved the use of the words in this story

  4. So much sympathy for your character. In my high school they delivered flowers, well only pretty popular girls got them!

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