Thursday photo prompt – Flame #writephoto


Around the campfire, there was something sensational about him. It was odd because all day he had been on the tour and I hadn’t given him a moment’s notice.

He had one of those faces that shadow did a lot for. It accentuated his ‘best’ features. They remained hidden in daylight but at night you were drawn to them and I found, much to my embarrassment, that I couldn’t take my attention from him.

So captivated was I that my traveling companion was talking to me, into my ear and I never heard a word said. A jolt to my arm brought me out of my dream and into reality.

“Your turn.” I heard her say.

“What?” I stuttered. “What turn?”

“Tell us where you are from and what you do,” said the tour group leader.

There was as silence that followed during which I hoped there would be some distraction to get me away from this exact moment where my brain was away with the fairies each of whom had a face like the one I had been admiring.

I muttered my name, where I was from and what I did. It all seemed so trivial and I was feeling several shades of red from being put on the spot like that and having to reveal something about myself.

When it got to his turn he stated with confidence his name, location and occupation. I thought I must have sounded like such a nerd and hoped nothing more might be said in my direction for the rest of the night.

Eventually the group thing ended, to my relief, and we moved over to enjoy some supper. He was standing beside me and in pouring his tea he stated how lovely I looked against the shadows of the fire.

My first thought was: ‘So I look pretty ordinary in the daylight like you then.’

I smiled politely and moved away making a mental note to avoid him in the daylight for fear of offending.


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9 Responses to Thursday photo prompt – Flame #writephoto

  1. willowdot21 says:

    Lol I loved that ending !!! ❤

  2. Sue Vincent says:

    Some people have that effect… that fascination… but they are not always what they seem…and nor are our reactions 😉

  3. Bernadette says:

    Micheal, an interesting piece. I like how you really left it open to the reader’s interpretation.

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