Too Much of a Good Thing

Write for a while, and a little while longer. Then go back and use about ¼– or less.


I have a tale about ignorance, getting old, and being a right bastard. It’s that getting old thing of not caring what people say.

I think it’s a payback for getting old, being ignorant and rude I mean.

Nature has played a cruel trick on you are getting back at nature. Of course it doesn’t pay off for most people think of you as being disagreeable and an old crank.

You can fight it all you want or you can suck it up and see your situation as another stepping stone as you struggle your way along.

It doesn’t help that your body begins to fail you. For some your heart starts to act in dodgy ways, your brain becomes more and more addled and bits of you that once helped make you the person you are no longer look like they did twenty years ago.

It all so depressing. Each visit to the doctor is accompanied by all sorts of tests to find out if you are going to live another day or not.

So it’s understandable that ignorance or more likely a deliberate ignorance plays a part in how we react to the changing world around us.



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10 Responses to Too Much of a Good Thing

  1. Lorraine says:

    Not easy is it, life at times, and cutting 1/4 of our words out. It’s a feel old day around here too. One of those — who the hell is in my mirror this morning — oh wait, it’s me.
    Hope the doctor part isn’t too autobiographical!

  2. Joyfrida says:

    This is very deep. I see it in my parents, sometimes I don’t know how to help. My consolation is that getting old, grumpy and at times unfortunately sick, is a privilege denied to many.

  3. Getting old is a challenge for sure. And when did the doctors start getting so young?

    • Michael says:

      Yes these young drs are a worry though I have the luxury of both, an 80yr old specialist and a young GP, they sort bounce off each other so to speak…

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