Finish off Fridays #7: Shadow 03.02.17


Until she uploaded her day’s photos onto the computer, she never noticed the shadow in each of them. She was initially confused. Where was I when I took these photos? Then she remembered.

She had gone to the cemetery to see her dad’s grave and had sat with him. Eventually she lay down on the grass to look up through the trees. Idly she snapped a few photos thinking they would make an interesting perspective. But the shadow bothered her. Who was it casting the shadow?

She looked closely studying the obvious masculine outline. It did remind her of someone but she dismissed the idea immediately. After all she was a practical person and the inexplicable she put out of her head.

She glanced back at the photo. A starling fact emerged. The shadow had moved.


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5 Responses to Finish off Fridays #7: Shadow 03.02.17

  1. Lorraine says:

    Nice twist at the end — she hasn’t left the shadow at the cemetery. It’s come home with her. Freak out Friday.
    Thanks for participating, Michael.

  2. Well I too will take a closer look at things. Seems to me like we’re in a dark mood. Lorraine sent us down the dark path these two days 😉.
    Great piece.

  3. Lyn says:

    Great story Michael 🙂

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