Sunday sin/fun – The European Beaver


He’d sailed the seven seas and had been most places but the one thing that fascinated Ronald Crump was all things European.

He couldn’t get enough of the place. He loved the history, the architecture, the lovely soft furry creatures and had a real penchant for the European beaver.

He found in time that his attachment went beyond the platonic, the touching, the petting, the holding and putting them back where they belonged for he had a narcissistic view of the world that all things he liked to touch and feel should be his.

As a result, he was prepared to make sacrifices to achieve this very goal. He bent over backwards to accommodate the ideas, thoughts and needs of others so long as in the end he received his rightful due reward.

Ronald believed that life was there for the taking and he did a lot of that. He visited the northern cities where the European beaver was at its most prolific and exempt from the stares of those who thought his behaviours unusual. It was his new best friend Vlad the Enhancer who extoled him to do as he wished, who provided him with the means to achieve everything in life he so desired and who in the end convinced him that friendship, true friendship, often went beyond a friendly manly handshake. As a result, their life long relationship was cemented upon the shore line every time they came together with the rush of the wind and the roar of the waves adding to the sheer exhilaration they both felt that they were doing over mankind in the only way that mattered.


Written apologetically for:

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17 Responses to Sunday sin/fun – The European Beaver

  1. Ha ha ha. Loved this, Michael. “bent over backwards.” LOL

  2. I’m..I’m… Truly lost for words

  3. Oliana says:

    Bravo!!! (applause) What an amazing write, Michael. Ronal Crump indeed!!! ahahahaha!!!

  4. Oliana says:

    Reblogged this on Traces of the Soul and commented:
    What a story about a man named Ronald Crump!!!

  5. If only you could have photoshopped an orange wig… Great story, Michael. I’m so glad you rose to the occasion (if I’m allowed to express it like that).

  6. Joy Pixley says:

    Ha ha, I love it! I wish I could have read it first without knowing what the picture was, as I’m sure I would have missed all those double entendres, and appreciated them even more after the fact!

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