Photo Challenge #134 – Retreat



Fifteen days of silence

The black hand, the black dog,

Have both settled over her

Taken from her the will and the wherefore.

No words are there to save her

She’s given up on living

Welcoming pain and torture

For the night becomes a comfort.

Into her cocoon she disappears

Treasuring thoughts

His smile, his laugh, his bad jokes

Every skerrick of him that means something.

She clings to him as in reverence

Fearful of letting go as then he too will…..

She needs him to hold her, care for her

Tell her she will never be alone.

In these dark hours she is there with him

Living life once more

Feeling loved beyond words.

As a new day dawns she feels the pen

Press hard against her skin.

Sixteen, another day of pain,

As the blackness folds around her

She feels a familiar peace

So turning to the wall

She retreats into a separate space.


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12 Responses to Photo Challenge #134 – Retreat

  1. Joyfrida says:

    I love the way your poetry ends with a hint of hope. Nice take on the prompt

  2. kim881 says:

    Oh, Michael, this is wonderfully dark with just a hint of light!

  3. mandibelle16 says:

    This picture is a dark one itself eh? Your take is interesting Michael. I think she is trapped by this guy, even kidnapped. Yet she also holds on to his presence, he’s how she gets through each night. Perhaps at the end there is relief and light.

  4. Interesting perspective of the black dog and how it is a comfort to her. Very dark write, as others have said Michael, but an insight to how those who suffer may live. Well done.

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