Photo Challenge #131 – A Girl Who Once Was!


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She had it all at her feet

A world revolving round her.

That was last week

Queen of her street you might say.

Now it tumbles, crumbles around her

Disintegrating as beside her

Others feel their strength

Step forward

as she… as she… she….


I watched her fade away

Into the depths she’d sunk too.

Each moment deeper

Way out of control

Spiralling into the mire of her abyss;

Until there was nothing

But a sparse memory

Of a girl who once was.

She wasn’t as fazed as you might think,

She’d learned there was more than

One thing making her whole,

For expectation hastened her demise.

Today she takes stock

Knowing where her passion truly lies

That there is a place for her

Just not where you might expect it to be.

I stand back applauding

As from the depths she rises

Emerges renewed with enthusiasm.

There is a path forward

One that will give her soul

A sense of fulfilment.

I’m an observer standing



Waving her on

Her wisdom astounds me

Her commitment to her belief

Is staggering to embrace.

I can only stand and marvel

Wonder at the progress, the path,

The journey she allows me to share.


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20 Responses to Photo Challenge #131 – A Girl Who Once Was!

  1. wonderful, Michael 🙂

  2. Joyfrida says:

    I like the spoken word vibe in this piece, and the message as well… Nicely done.

  3. Soul Gifts says:

    Nice poem, Michael 🙂

  4. maria says:

    Oh beautiful.. This is a piece every lady would love to hear…

  5. rosemawrites says:

    oh wow, Michael!!! lovely!

  6. mandibelle16 says:

    A beautifully written piece again. This woman “a queen” who sunk so deep from her high horse. Who was taken advantage of by others. Who found her passion, her new life, and grew stronger and better than before. I love how your speaker says he is “observing her” and “cheering her on . . . On the journey she allows him to share.”

  7. jademwong says:

    Wow, what a poem! Love the narration.

  8. Oloriel says:

    It takes great strength of mind to admit to ourselves we are not happy, even when our peers deem we should be. I love the way you described the journey of rediscovering oneself.

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