Wordle #121 “September 19th, 2016” Peter, Paul and Mary


This week’s words: Microlith (a tiny stone tool, often of geometric shape, made from a bladelet and mounted singly or in series as the working part of a composite tool or weapon, especially during late Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic times..) Forward Futile Nothingness Glitter Eyes Breath Feral Esurient (hungry, greedy) Sillage (noun: the degree to which a perfume’s fragrance lingers in the air when worn.) Bramble Exalt

Peter felt exalted, Paul felt an exaltation coming on and Mary couldn’t have given a rats either way. That’s how it was when they realised they were standing looking at the microlith before them. To the boys it was a major discovery to Mary is was a rock with sharp edge. In her head there was no proof it was anything other than what they could see.

Mary had become aware that the boys were both esurient to discover the one thing that would thrust them into the limelight but at times their esurience drove her crazy as they believed that every bit of rock that glittered was their ticket to fame.

It was futile she realised trying to talk sense into them. They had their eyes on the impossible goal as far as she was concerned and that meant paying her little to no attention. She was nothing but an exalted tea lady as far as she was concerned.

Her days were spent in the nothingness of the continuous search by the boys. She realised she had nothing to look forward to and that both boys were becoming more and more feral in their attitude to her and the search. Now that believed they had found the mother lode they would become more unbearable than they already were.

Mary was a chemist where the two boys were geologists and poor ones at that going on their excitement of finding a rock shaped like a potential blade. Under her breath she cursed them and their stone and decided to take matters into her own hands as they were neglecting her more and more.

She knew that the perfume she wore each day was of little consequence to them so she decided to add a little bramble juice to it and see what might happen. That small minute addition produced a sillage, which left the boys staring agape at her. All thoughts of micoliths, fame and fortune paled into insignificance as the boys with tongues hanging out began to follow Mary around.

In her mind Mary could see there was nothing futile about what was happening, their eyes had that glitter in them that said all that glitters is gold and she knew she was that gold. Their feralness took on a whole new proportion and it was all exacerbated by her breathing new life into both herself and her precious boys who found Mary their newly exalted one. As she drew the flaps on their tent closed that night her esurience for her boys was near to out of control.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/09/19/wordle-121-september-19th-2016/

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15 Responses to Wordle #121 “September 19th, 2016” Peter, Paul and Mary

  1. I love that opening line Michael! This is extremely well-written, excellent story-telling. Also very amusing and that ending oh my!

  2. The next to the last paragraph made me snicker and brought to mind “Love Potion #9”. Very funny. The ending was a bold one for sure.
    Have a blessed day!

  3. It’s an education reading your posts. Well done with some of those scary words.

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