Tale Weaver #81 /Fairy Tale August 18 – Magic Fruit – Wanda’s Revenge, Sort of!!


Image Mara Eastern: Used with permission

Just down the way past the mushroom field and beyond the meadow lay the orchard in the land of the fairies. In each of these areas there lived fairies of the ilk who propagated their respective landscapes. Mushroom fairies looked after and nurtured the mushroom fields, dark and mysterious places where only the brave might venture and the meadow fairies known for their flippant nature, carefree attitudes and bad breath.

The orchard fairies were a particularly nasty bunch of fairies. They protected their crops with fierce determination and would quite happily shoot you if they thought you were trespassing in their orchards.

They were also afflicted with the most horrible names. Mansypansy Ottoman and Sleasypeasy Georgieboy owned the first of the apple, orange and cumquat orchards. Neither fairy liked anyone and were often times reluctant to sell their produce as they didn’t consider anyone but themselves worthy of it. But it was their livelihood they reminded each other and life they had decided long ago was more than an apple a day.

One day they were approached by the Wanda the Wicked Witch of the East. She wanted a dozen red apples, a dozen orange oranges and a baker’s dozen of cumquats.

Such a small order that Ottoman said no. Georgieboy said maybe. Then the two fairies fought it out as was their way when disputes arose.

Ottoman being the elder always won. He was about to say no once again when Wanda pointed her wand at him. Before he knew it he had her order packaged and boxed, packed onto her wagon and was waving her goodbye saying to call by anytime. Both fairies looked at each other thanking the other for his assistance.

Wanda had a need for these pieces of fruit. From her satchel,that she always carried with her, she took a small vial of poison and let a few drops fall on three respective pieces of fruit.

Wanda was a cantankerous witch and needed revenge on the blackandbrindle smith fairies over by the sludge pond. One in particular was a sassy young fairy, who in her leather apron cut a fine figure among the usually dour and subdued blackandbrindle smith fairies. She was Roastytoasty Katey fairy who according to Wanda was way out of line in not paying Wanda her protection money. Katey was the only fairy who stood up to Wanda and Wanda was about to put her in her place.

As a witch Wanda was also very good at disguise and approached Katey as the morning tea lady and knowing Katey had a liking for fresh fruit temped her with her apples, oranges and cumquats.

It wasn’t long after Wanda’s visit that Katey was found asleep on the coal heap and couldn’t be awakened. Covered in coal dust she was hardly a sleeping beauty but slept for the best part of two years before she awakened when Mansypansy Ottoman came to ask for a new pitchfork, tripped over the feet of the sleeping Katey and landed with his lips on hers. Katey woke up, looked around, screamed at the sight of Ottoman lying on top of her and promptly hit him with a piece of particularly dirty coal leaving Ottoman a blacked fairy much to his disgust.

It was the start of a beautiful relationship one that puzzled many and satisfied no one.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/08/18/tale-weaver-81-fairy-tale-august-18-magic-fruit/

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6 Responses to Tale Weaver #81 /Fairy Tale August 18 – Magic Fruit – Wanda’s Revenge, Sort of!!

  1. Risa says:

    This was very amusing! I even like the light-hearted fairy-like atmosphere in this story. It was very reminiscent of Enid Byton. 😀

  2. mandibelle16 says:

    Haha. I enjoyed this story a lot. Poor Katey ends up with Manspamsy Ottoman. He doesn’t seem like much of a good catch and I bet poor Katey wishes her Prince Charming was a bit more “princely” or “noble.” Your last line pretty much says it all, an oddly wonderfu relationship for the couple, but no one else understands it. I guess, it doesn’t really matter what others think in the end of its love 🙂

  3. wildchild47 says:

    I love the end! Had me absolutely howling with delight and laughter …. totally great line too: It was the start of a beautiful relationship one that puzzled many and satisfied no one.

    It just was the perfect way to end this tale – showcasing the darker side of fairy life and characters …. and what an excellent and inspired prompt Michael 😀

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