Wordle Special Addition Sight “August 15th, 2016” Coffee With Cyril Rum


This week’s words: Frail Hound’s Tooth (a pattern of broken or jagged checks, used on a variety of fabrics.) Indistinct Blotchy Iridescent Titian (a reddish-brown or golden-brown color) Deformed Glisten Ashen Towering Matte (having a dull or lusterless surface) Pellucid (clear, limpid, translucent) Cylindrical Sag Unkempt



Cyril Rum looked up from his breakfast and decided it was a day for a walk. He didn’t get out much, kept to himself for fairly obvious reasons as he was an angel taking time out from angelic duties to find his mojo so to speak.

He had moved into the most unkempt house in the street and had settled in well making nodding acquaintances with most of his neighbours. He was not a young man, as it was he had been around for all of eternity and so in his now aging divinity had developed a blotchy appearance but Cyril was never one for appearances.

Sporting his favourite hounds tooth coat he prepared for his walk around the neighbourhood, anticipating a stop at Maggie’s Sag and Tag Café for a coffee to break his walk. Cyril liked Maggie, a titian haired beauty who always smiled whenever he entered her cafe

Maggie made good coffee, not the pellucid stuff the only other café sold. Cyril liked his coffee strong and with character and Maggie’s brew satisfied his every need.

Maggie’s frail mother usually sat in the corner of the café and Cyril would always ask after her. The mother had a deformed hand from an industrial accident some years before. She sat in the corner with eyes that glistened if you approached her and Cyril knew that this old lady felt embarrassed by her present condition her ashen expression said so much that she wished she could be rid of her mortal life.

Today Cyril went and sat with the mother. She looked at him and noticed that Cyril had a way of making himself appear indistinct when in actual fact his presence towered over you. When he wanted to Cyril could give the impression if iridescence when if you saw him in the street he was not noticed at his matte features worked so well as to not draw attention to himself.

Their conversation was deep and intense, Cyril found himself drinking several of Maggie’s coffees as he and the mother engaged in earnest conversation. He left her and pressed into her deformed hand a small cylindrical container. It contained nothing but the container warmed inside her hand giving her a feeling well being.

Cyril returned home and went outside into his back yard where he sat in one of the two chairs he had out there and looked at the second chair. Nothing much happened save for Cyril’s occasional nodding in the chairs direction.

Maggie couldn’t believe it the next day when her mother, far from frail and far beyond deformed, approached her daughter to help in the café.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/08/15/wordle-special-addition-sight-august-15th-2016/

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5 Responses to Wordle Special Addition Sight “August 15th, 2016” Coffee With Cyril Rum

  1. Absolutely brilliant Michael. All your characters come to life, and I am in the café or in Cyril’s back yard. The conversation scenes were perfect — the outcome Kleenex-worthy.

  2. I agree you really do bring the characters alive, very moving, great story-telling!

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