Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge Theme-“Hope” #WQWWC


“Hope is believing my dreams will come true

For without them I will die sooner than I’d like…” (adapted from Chicken Soup for the College Soul…Dan Clarke


As Mary aged the desire to complete her schooling became such an urge that she went out and found out what she would have to do to achieve this.

As she’d gone through life she had read extensively but always for pleasure and in recent times she had dabbled in writing poetry. Starting a blog had opened not only her eyes but so many doors to learning but to the process of writing. Her blogging friends were accepting and forever giving her hope that she might achieve her lifelong goal despite her age.

So she began her course at the Community College and from the first day loved everything about it. Some novels she had read years earlier were on the course and it was refreshing, she discovered, to learn new perspectives about them.

But it was the writing course she loved most. Her teacher was a man of vision, as far as she was concerned, who immediately saw Mary as a woman of talent and so encouraged her in the pursuit of words on the page.

The teacher had promised that if their writing was good enough he would publish a class anthology of their collected works as a graduation gift.

So Mary was chuffed beyond words to discover at years end four of her poems gracing the pages of the anthology.

Before her was a dream come true and even though the publication was for the class only and would probably only be read by a few, for her what she had always hoped for was there in black and white for her to see.

Needless to say she purchased four copies, one for each of her children who had doubted their mother’s sanity in going back to school at her age but who could now, if they were so moved, feel their mother’s pride in her achievement.

Hope she thought to herself, I’m glad I hung onto mine.



Written for: https://silverthreading.com/2016/07/20/writers-quote-wednesday-writing-challenge-theme-hope-wqwwc/

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4 Responses to Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge Theme-“Hope” #WQWWC

  1. “Mary is one special lady,” she said, “Never too old is more than a saying, and encouragement so important,” she added “Way to go Mary!”

  2. Silver Threading says:

    Beautiful story! I love it , Michael! ❤️

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  4. Marsha says:

    What a lovely story, Michael. It’s never too late to learn and grow. This summer Colleen invited me to revive Writer’s Quote Wednesdays. This is the first edition. I’d like to invite you to participate in the new #WQWWC. https://tchistorygal.net/2020/12/02/wqwwc-1-light-or-lights/ My name is Marsha Ingrao and my blog is Always Write.

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