Microfiction Challenge #4: At the window


Image: Edvard Munch

When word came there wasn’t much that could be said apart from the choking goodbye. His number and name had come up, he had passed the medical, he was deemed fit, ready to serve King and country.

He as required at the train station at six in the morning. There was not sufficient time to say his farewell. That night he had gone to her house and announced his sorrow at having been called up. The war had been raging for some time, they both were aware of the already mounting costs in terms of human life.

They both cried aware that this could be their last evening together. Eventually they pulled themselves together, put aside their grief and made love for one last time. This time it was intense, both giving to the other, sharing the love they felt so deeply.

Neither slept as they didn’t want to sacrifice one moment for the luxury of rest.

The morning light was his cue to get up, dress in silence, prepare as best he could, his lover watching him, eyes focused taking in every last second with her wonderful man.

He left it to the last second to leave, the station was a ten-minute walk. He closed the door, his eyes misted over as he made his way to whatever fate had instore for him.

Back in the bedroom the woman cried into her pillow and deep inside her a minute seed met a swimmer that was to forever seal her fate.


Written for: https://janedougherty.wordpress.com/2016/07/08/microfiction-challenge-4-at-the-window/

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13 Responses to Microfiction Challenge #4: At the window

  1. Shadeau says:

    Oh WOW, bittersweet with hopeful ending.

  2. I hope the fate was what she wanted. Lovely ending 🙂

  3. “My eyes misted over, of course,” she sniffled.

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  5. merrildsmith says:

    Good story! I agree with Jane that I hope it’s what she wanted. I hope he comes back–and not too badly wounded in body or mind.

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